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Pride Center’s “Peer Mentor Online Chat” is a Safe and Inclusive Resource for LGBTQ Students

August 12, 2016

Northridge — The Pride Center at CSUN invites all LGBTQ and questioning students to take advantage of its confidential  “Peer Mentor Online Chat” service, available every Monday evening this semester starting Aug. 29 from 7 to 9 p.m. The always inclusive environment of the Pride Center will extend to this online forum where students who want to communicate anonymously can confide in peer mentors.  It’s a great way to share your experiences with sexuality and gender identity, get advice regarding a friend coming out and much more in a safe and welcoming online space.

“The Peer Mentor Online Chat strives to connect with students who might not feel comfortable or have the time to visit the Pride Center” said Pride Center Coordinator, Sarina Loeb. “We are committed to offering as many resources as possible to students going through any issues that revolve around sexuality or gender identity and reassure them that they are not alone.”

The Peer Mentors are trained students who can provide support and guidance to CSUN students. Students can feel comfortable to share whatever they want and know that their conversations will remain private. All participants will be able to select their own username and password to remain anonymous in the chats unless the student wishes to disclose their identity.

The program hopes to specifically reach out to students who are not “out” yet or may be questioning their sexuality and/or gender identity. The online chat will encourage them to ask questions and seek advice they may be scared or unable to ask in person. The online service is open to all questioning students who don’t feel ready to physically come to the Pride Center yet and the chats are intended to provide the same support and guidance.

Students can begin participating in the “Peer Mentor Online Chat” by creating an account at The Pride Center wants you to relax and have fun during all chats, while also following the guidelines, which include being respectful and keeping your conversations strictly between you and your peer mentor.

For more information about “Peer Mentor Online Chat” and a full list of guidelines and disclosures, please visit or contact the Pride Center at pride@

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