Pride Center

Build a Welcoming and Supportive Community Space at “T-Time” with the Pride Center this Fall

August 11, 2021

Media Alert

WHAT: The Pride Center of the University Student Union (USU) invites all transgender, gender-questioning and non-binary CSUN students to “T-Time”, a welcoming and exclusive space where you are encouraged to embrace your gender identity. Every Wednesday from Sept. 1 to Dec. 8, you and your fellow attendees, will participate in group discussions on various related topics across multiple genders and sexualities. Freely express yourself in a space that celebrates you!

WHO: Sarina Loeb, Manager at the Pride Center, is responsible for coordinating this event.

WHEN: From Sept. 1 to Dec. 8, this event will be held every Wednesday from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

WHERE: Every second Wednesday of the month you will join virtually via Zoom. All other Wednesdays will be in-person at the Pride Center.

WHY: This event allows transgender, gender questioning and non-binary individuals to connect with each other and create new friendships in a supportive environment.

BACKGROUND: Be sure to register on the USU Calendar Page to get more engaged at CSUN and make new campus connections during “T-Time.” For more information, please visit

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