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Let’s Talk about Sex at the Pride Center’s “Sex Week” Informational Events at the University Student Union

February 21, 2019

Northridge — The Pride Center of the University Student Union (USU) will present a series of compelling workshops and programs during the annual “Sex Week” event from Monday, March 4 to Thursday, March 7, focused on encouraging open and honest conversations about sexual health, body positivity and sexual wellness. In collaboration with, Los Angeles Department of Public Health, the Klotz Student Health Center, and Gamma Rho Lambda National Sorority, Epsilon Chapter, this highly informative event welcomes the CSUN LGBTQ+ community and their allies to talk about sex in a safe and inclusive environment. All Matadors are invited to attend these educational and empowering workshops and fun programs to be held in various locations at the USU.

“We are more than happy to bring back ‘Sex Week’ for CSUN students,” said Kimberley Durden, Pride Center Student Assistant and Event Lead for this event. “Talking about sex can be uncomfortable. That’s why our goal for this event is to provide a welcoming environment for students to learn more about sexual health without fearing judgment from others.”

At “Sex Week”, students can check out intriguing events each day in the USU. On Monday, March 4, you can come to the “All About Sex!” Resource Fair in the Plaza del Sol.

On Tuesday, March 5, the Los Angeles Department of Public Health will be offering FREE Hepatitis A and Meningitis vaccines. Also taking place on Tuesday will be the Los Angeles Spoonie Collective’s “Body Love 4 ‘Imperfect’ Bodies” workshop and community discussion on loving your body. Next, cap off the day with an important and interactive keynote speech on safe sex practices and prevention will be CSUN’s very own, Dr. Bobbie Emetu, Assistant Professor in Health Sciences.

On Wednesday, March 6, continue the festivities in the Games Room at “Kinky Karaoke Nights” hosted by the Pride Center, where students can show off their musical talent, enjoy free food, and win cool prizes. On Thursday, March 7, the Center for Positive Sexuality will present their “Polyamory 101: Exploring Non-Monogamy” workshop.  Then, “Sex Week” will conclude with a dynamic workshop on “Navigating Asexual & Aromantic Identity in a Sexual/Romantic World,” feauturing Michael Paramo, a two-spirit aro/ace writer and lead editor of The Asexual Journal. Come and see how asexual and aromantic identities rest in opposition and discuss the challenges for self-identified ace, aro, and/or questioning people in the today’s society.

Make plans now to participate in the Pride Center’s fun and educational “Sex Week”! For more information about this event, the Pride Center, and the University Student Union, please visit or contact the Pride Center at .

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