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On-Campus Opportunities

On-Campus Opportunities

The F-Word

The F-Word’s mission is to create and provide open and safe feminist spaces for students at CSUN.

Human Sexuality Program

The Human Sexuality minor at CSUN is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with a comprehensive approach to understanding human sexuality. The program offers students with an opportunity to develop an awareness of historical, cultural, philosophical, ethical, sociological, and psychological components of sexuality and to acquire skills for counseling, teaching, and/or research. The minor is intended to complement undergraduate majors for students. For additional questions contact Dr. Bobbie Emetu.

Program description and requirements.

Queer Coalition of Social Workers (QCSW)

The Queer Coalition of Social Workers (QCSW) at CSUN is a student organization open to all of the CSUN community. We host discussion groups, activities, & learning opportunities. We also produce educational content, honor queer history, & conduct advocacy efforts, all centered around LGBTQIA2S+ identities & their intersections. As social workers, we seek to promote inclusivity in our community, seek out diverse perspectives, provide accessible learning opportunities about the queer experience & allyship, & collaborate with other student & community organizations in social justice work. Within social work, our goal is to address the lack of space, resources, & support for LGBTQIA2S+ social workers, allies, & clients, & empower them to collaborate, advocate, process, & envision an inclusive practice setting & approaches specific to social work. For more information, visit our Instagram, our Matasync page, or email us at

CSUN Queer Studies Program

Housed in the College of Humanities, the Queer Studies Program is an interdisciplinary minor that questions normative constructions of sexuality and gender.

The Queer Studies minor focuses on histories, contemporary experiences, and community-based knowledges of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people, intersexed people, queers, and others who occupy non-heterosexist and non-normative gender positionalities.

The program explores how heterosexism, heteronormativity and transphobia intersect and collide with national, ethnic, racial, class and other identifications, fostering a community of learners who grapple with issues of diversity, gender, sexuality and social justice.

Queer Studies at CSUN provides an academic home for those who wish to study the intellectual, cultural and material conditions that have shaped our current understandings of sexuality and gender variation as well as for those who wish to generate new, resistant theories and practices. The program offers an undergraduate minor, sponsors courses, organizes lecture series, and brings together interested students, faculty, and larger Los Angeles communities.

Unified We Serve

Unified We Serve is an opportunity offered for students to participate in furthering their education through serving the community.

The Women’s Research and Resource Center

The Women’s Research and Resource Center, supported by the College of Humanities and Associated Students, serves as a place where students on campus and in the community can find resources and services.

For a list of all clubs and how to get involved, contact the Matador Involvement Center (MIC)