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Where is the Pride Center?

Located in the University Student Union on the second floor of the Sol Center.

When did the Pride Center open?

The Pride Center opened in the Fall of 2012.

Is the Pride Center its own department?

No, the Pride Center is one of many fabulous programs and services offered by the University Student Union.

What is the LGBTQIA+ Peer Mentor Program?

The LGBTQIA+ Peer Mentor Program connects students with a LGBTQIA+ Peer Mentor for support and to learn about resources available in the community.

What does a LGBTQIA+ Peer Mentor do?

LGBTQIA+ Peer Mentors serve as a positive role model and meet with mentees throughout the semester. They provide support, guidance and offer referrals to campus and local LGBTQIA+ resources.

Why be a mentee?

To meet with a peer who has shared a similar experience as you and learn about resources available on campus and in the community. Connect with other students and programs on campus!

What might a mentee discuss with their Peer Mentor?

“Coming out” to friends and family, issues of gender and gender identity, experiences or challenges faced at CSUN, resources available on campus and in the community, academic and emotional concerns, or anything else the mentee would like to discuss!

Do I need to be a freshman to sign up to meet with a Peer Mentor?

No, any CSUN student can sign up to meet with a mentor.

Where/when do mentee meetings take place?

Anytime agreed upon by the mentor and mentee. Meetings are in the location of the mentee’s choosing. It can be on campus, in the residence halls, at a coffee shop, etc.

How can I work for the Pride Center?

Openings in the Pride Center will be posted on the USU jobs webpage.

Where can I learn about LGBTQIA+ clubs and organizations on campus?

The Matador Involvement Center in the USU has contact information on all chartered campus clubs and organizations. Please call (818) 677-5111.

Where can I learn about queer history?

CSUN offers courses on queer history and also has a queer studies minor. Find out more on the queer studies webpage.

Where can I find LGBTQIA+ support groups on campus?

University Counseling Services offers LGBTQIA+ support groups. Please call (818) 677-2366 for more information.

Are there other LGBTQIA+ Centers in the area?

Yes, Los Angeles has many great resources, including the world’s largest LGBTQIA+ center, The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center.

Can I get an HIV test on campus?

Yes, the Klotz Student Health Center offers confidential HIV testing. HIV blood tests are available on a daily basis by appointment with a health center clinician. HIV testing using the OraQuick rapid test is available through the RATE (risk assessment, testing, and education) clinic once a month. RATE clinic appointments can be made online. Note: RATE appointments are with a state certified HIV test counselor, not a physician, nurse practitioner or nurse.

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