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How To (Mondays)

How to...

Looking for something to do while you’re staying safe at home? The Pride Center has you covered! Check out our IG Live (@csunpridecenter) on select Mondays for tutorials on a variety of interesting, fun and relevant topics during How to…!

Check It Out (Wednesdays)

Check It Out

Treat yourself to a little study break while hanging out virtually with some of your favorite people from the Pride Center. Come chat with us, check out the endless amount of resources and services tailored for incredible folx just like you, and celebrate the beauty within the LGBTQIA+ community.

T-Time (Wednesdays)


Experience support, guidance and a network of peers to help you navigate living as trans or outside the gender binary. Take advantage of this welcoming space and feel free to discuss living with intersecting identities. Whether you’re transgender, gender questioning, genderqueer or believe you fit outside of the gender binary, you are invited to explore and embrace who you truly are.

GAYme Night (Thursdays)

GAYme Night

Looking to have some fun with your fellow CSUN GAYmers? Join us for a weekly virtual GAYme Night to bask in glory that lives within the CSUN LGBTQIA+ community!

Lavender Takeover (Fridays)

The Lavender Takeover

Enter this vibrant weekly space for learning, healing, embracing and igniting the intersectional activism needed to give future LGBTQIA+ people of color a beautifully violet world that is proudly violence-free. 

OUT on Stage (Monthly)

OUT On Stage

Experience the amazing talents of exciting queer and trans performers during our virtual variety show. Join us for the fun and entertainment of OUT On Stage to spread the support and celebrate our pride together.