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Points of Unity

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    We welcome all people and identities.
    We do not discriminate on the basis of gender identity, sexual or romantic orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, HIV status, socioeconomic status, age or ability. Refrain from using oppressive or marginalizing language.

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    Respect feelings and experiences different from your own.
    Be aware of your privilege and how it informs your unique point of view.

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    Remember that there’s always more to learn.
    Remain open-minded as you continue your education about yourself and others.

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    What’s said in here, stays in here.
    Keep this a safe, confidential space by maintaining the privacy of others.

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    Offer empathy and understanding.
    Do not pass judgment or give advice unless explicitly asked.

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    Don’t assume anyone’s gender pronouns.
    If you don’t know—just ask!

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    Collaborate with our community.
    Whether you’re a student, staff member, faculty member or alum, we ask that you work together with a cooperative spirit.

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    Be courteous of others in our shared space.
    Keep excess noise to a minimum and dispose of trash appropriately for the comfort of everyone around you.

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    Safety is our priority.
    Keep skateboards and scooters stowed under a desk or computer workstation so that others may freely move about the space.

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    Protect yourself and your belongings.
    Do not leave items unattended while visiting us. The Pride Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.