Pride Center

  • Peer Mentor Online Chat available from the Pride Center

Peer Mentor — Online Chat — Presented by the Pride Center

The Pride Center’s LGBTQ Peer Mentor Program offers weekly online chats. CSUN students are invited to log in and connect with a trained peer mentor.  Just coming out? Have a friend or family member who just came out? Questioning your sexual orientation or gender identity? Looking for on-campus resources or sense of community? No matter what’s on your mind, you have a safe space to chat about it online.

Peer Mentor Online Chat is available every Monday evening starting Jan. 23 from 7 to 9 p.m. (except on holidays when the CSUN campus is closed).

You will chat with our trained peer mentors who are also current student assistants at the Pride Center in the University Student Union.  Chat anonymously with the group or one-on-one.  All chats are completely confidential and will not be repeated anywhere.

If you need assistance right away, please call the Trevor Hotline, a 24/7 phone service for anyone in the LGBTQ community at 866-488-7386.

Currently, the Peer Mentor Online Chat software is only accessible on-campus or through the CSUN Virtual Private Network (VPN). We are working on expanding our reach to off-campus servers in the near future.

About Privacy

Register with your email. When you register to Peer Mentor Online Chat, you will get to choose your own username. Your CSUN email address will be taken only to ensure that everyone within the chat is a current CSUN student. This information will not be shared with anyone in the chat room. No one in the chat room will know your identity unless you choose to release it.

Our Peer Mentors for Online Chat are...

  • CSUN students who are paid student employees at the Pride Center.
  • Knowledgeable about coming out and gender identity issues and their intersections with race, culture, religion, class, etc.
  • Using life experiences, training and ongoing education to assist their peers.
  • Here to listen to concerns, offer insight and make referrals to campus/community resources.
  • Mentors but not professional counselors. Open-minded, flexible and willing to learn.