President's Office

Workplace Environment Resources Website

May 18, 2016


One of our seven campus priorities is Focus on Employees for Success and an important component of that is promoting  a culture of respect and collegiality.  Please accept my thanks to many of you who have contributed to this effort, to include the facilitation of and participation in forums and training opportunities, clarification by the Faculty Senate of professional responsibility in the Administrative Manual, updated position descriptions and appointment letters that affirm that it is the responsibility of all members of the CSUN community to share and uphold these important values, and the more frequent communications and conversations about respect for all across campus
We are not alone in our efforts.  The CSU as a whole is working towards the same goals and I am pleased to share with you the launch of the CSU Workplace Environment Resources Website This site has been developed by a system-wide Workplace Environment Workgroup coordinated by the Chancellor's Office and provides resource information for all employees - faculty, staff, supervisors and managers. 
The Workplace Environment Resources Website offers "best practices" from CSU campuses, other higher education institutions who are also addressing this issue on their campuses, and noted experts in the field.  The Workplace Environment Resources Website will provide examples and inspiration as CSU campuses strive to address this important issue within their workplace environments.
The homepage of the website features Chancellor White's start of the academic year video, "2015-2016 Academic Year with Chancellor White."  The efforts of the Workplace Environment Initiative were featured in Chancellor White's speech when he stated that a ".culture of respect is inclusive and fosters organizational must be at the forefront of everything we do as a university.solidifies my commitment and belief that respect for one another defines who we are and what we stand for as people and as an organization."
The Workplace Environment Resources Website will continue to evolve and be updated as more resources become available.  The Workgroup will continually add new articles, policies, book titles, and online resources to the website in an effort to provide the latest ideas and best practices for addressing abusive conduct and bullying in our workplace environments.
I am committed to making CSUN a respectful workplace where everyone is valued for their contributions to student success.  As such, I ask that each of you take the time to review these valuable resources as we work together to ensure that CSUN and the CSU are healthy, respectful, safe, and productive places of work and learning.

Dianne F. Harrison, Ph.D.