President's Office

Update on the Transit Center Proposal

September 5, 1996

During the past several weeks, campus officials have held a series of internal discussions about the issues our neighbors have expressed about the proposal for locating an MTA Transit Center on Zelzah Avenue. A meeting with MTA representatives was held this morning to discuss those concerns and to review other campus locations if any was a feasible alternative.

As a result of these discussions, I have concluded that the requirements specified by the MTA cannot be satisfied on the Lot C site, given the legitimate concerns which have been expressed by our surrounding neighbors.

Of the alternate sites that were reviewed, none was found to be mutually acceptable to the campus and the agency. An in-depth discussion of other factors, including the benefit of a campus transit center for faculty and students weighed against the long-term maintenance costs, led to a consensus that the University was not a viable site for locating the transit center.

We continue to believe that the MTA concept of "wheel and spoke" transit centers is a more efficient strategy than the present "grid" system. We have agreed to support the agency's continuing efforts to locate a transit center within the Valley.

Thank you for your comments and thoughts on the proposal. All were carefully considered and helpful.

Blenda J. Wilson

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