President's Office

Update on Snapchat Video Incident

The following message was posted on the CSUN website on February 19, 2018.

To the Campus Community,

I want to provide an update on Friday’s incident involving a Snapchat video that caused so much distress and fear because it showed a gun on the dashboard of a vehicle parked on campus. Campus safety is our highest priority, and we are examining this case in detail.

Given the horrific tragedy in Florida last week, and many similar tragedies in recent years, any prank or hoax involving a gun is the height of irresponsibility, and we are actively seeking to hold the individual who recorded and hosted the video — an employee of Garda Armored Truck Transport — accountable. CSUN Police are preparing a case for criminal prosecution against this individual, which we expect to file in court this week.

Upon learning of the video from a concerned member of the campus community, Campus Police began a vigorous investigation, and we moved to notify campus. CSUN Police determined that there was no imminent danger to campus. While the safety of campus was not at risk, I know that many students, faculty, staff and parents experienced significant worry over the video.

I can assure you that CSUN has a well-practiced timely warning communications protocol that is implemented when there is an immediate threat to campus. However, after any incident, we look for ways to improve our practices, including initial alerts to campus.

We are grateful to the members of the campus community who informed us of the video. You play an important role in reporting suspicious or alarming activity to Campus Police. Being vigilant together, we are stronger and better prepared to respond to future incidents. I thank you for your help in ensuring a safe campus for all.


Dianne F. Harrison. Ph.D.