President's Office

Update on Review of Athletics Incident

September 4, 1996

You will recall that in the last President's Desk, I reported that I had asked Vice President Ronald Kopita to conduct a review of the incident in which a student athlete was involved in an off campus shooting and the circumstances related to the Division of Intercollegiate Athletics providing misinformation about that event.

In my message, I underscored the seriousness of this breach in honesty and professionalism, and emphasized the imperative that our professional staff model proper behavior and ethical conduct in their work with students and members of the community.

Dr. Kopita has completed his review and, based on his findings, I have taken the following disciplinary action in regard to Athletic Director, Paul Bubb and Coach David Baldwin:

Paul Bubb, as Director of Athletics, is accorded a high level of autonomy in his responsibility for maintaining an ethical environment within the Department. He will be required to take five days leave without pay. The date for the leave will be scheduled by Vice President Kopita.

For his role in releasing false information, Coach David Baldwin will receive a letter of reprimand from me that will be placed in his permanent personnel file. The letter emphasizes his responsibilities to his students, NCAA standards and University policies in his future conduct.

With regard to the student athlete, Chief Ed Harrison of Public Safety conducted an investigation of his role in the original shooting incident. Based on this report, the student has been suspended from the football team for the 1996 season.

Vice President Kopita has also instructed Athletics to conduct a careful review of all policies and procedures related to its communications with the media and the community. The purpose of this review is to ensure that all information is released in an honest, accurate and professional manner.

This has been a painful experience for everyone involved, however Director Bubb and Coach Baldwin have accepted the disciplinary action described above, have apologized to the University and have reiterated their commitment to maintaining the values and high standards which represent Cal State Northridge.

Blenda J. W


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