President's Office

Update Report for Help Make CSUN Shine Bright Topic 8 (Diversity)

April 18, 2017

To the Campus Community:

Last semester, as part of the Help Make CSUN Shine Bright initiative, we requested feedback and comments on the topic of diversity. A summary report of the responses we received was posted in December 2016 and we now invite you to read an update report on the topic now posted at

The report references the university's eight planning priorities, which have been updated to include Diversity and Inclusive Excellence as a priority:

Diversity and Inclusive Excellence
The university is strengthened by a shared understanding and appreciation of the benefits and function of diversity within the campus community. CSUN recognizes the power of diversity and inclusion in the generation of ideas, in the exploration of problems and possibilities, in research, innovation, creative expression, community and organizational development, and in meaningful participation in an increasingly complex world. To realize this commitment to diversity and inclusive excellence, CSUN will:

  • Strengthen institutional capacity to foster diversity and inclusive excellence;
  • Leverage CSUN's unique diversity capabilities, assets and reputational strengths as drivers of innovation across all aspects of our mission;
  • Give attention to diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and learning styles so that all students have the opportunity to attain similarly high levels of achievement, including timely graduation;
  • Enhance collaboration between student support services in order to respond with agility to the broad range of needs faced by CSUN's student body;
  • Recruit, cultivate and retain a workforce that is committed to inclusive excellence and reflects CSUN's students and the region; and mentor and support new faculty and staff in their professional growth, building a welcoming and supportive community; and
  • Actively coach and expect administrators to infuse the principles of inclusive excellence and respect for all people in all CSUN activities and programs.

To see the full text of the planning priorities, CSUN Shines for the Future, go here.

Thank you for helping make CSUN shine bright,

Dianne F. Harrison, Ph.D.