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Task Force on Intercollegiate Athletics September 24 1997

September 24, 1997

I am pleased to announce that the Task Force on Intercollegiate Athletics has been established, with all but one community member confirmed. I am especially pleased that Dr. Keith Richman has agreed to serve as chair. Dr. Richman is Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Medco Associates, Inc. He has deep roots in the San Fernando Valley community and is a founding member of the North San Fernando Valley Community Foundation, a new group committed to working with other organizations for the betterment of our communities.

Other community members of the Task Force include Ms. Anita De Frantz, President, Los Angeles Amateur Athletics Foundation and Vice President, International Olympic Committee; Ms. Sharon Schuster, Member, CSUN Community Advisory Board, and past president, Association of University Women (local, state, and national); and an additional member yet to be confirmed.

Alumni members include Mr. Phil Blazer, Publisher, Jewish News and Israel Today; Ms. Laura De Valencia, Director, Community & Business Alliances, Department of Water & Power, City of Los Angeles; and Mr. Trent Morgan, CSUN Coordinator, Intramurals.

Student members are Mr. Joseph T. Dagata, President, Interfraternity Council; Mr. Jon A. Hatemi, Vice-President, Associated Students; and Ms. Pamela M. Karbowski, member, Student Athletic Congress, and member of the CSUN Women's Soccer Team.

Representing the faculty are Dr. William Jennings, Chair, Department of Finance, Real Estate & Insurance; Dr. James Sefton, Department of History; and Dr. Barbara Swerkes, Department of Kinesiology.

As I reported in an earlier President's Desk, Dr. William Whiting, from the Department of Kinesiology, has agreed to serve as Staff Director to the Task Force.

The individuals who have agreed to serve on the Task Force on Intercollegiate Athletics are a stellar group. I am confident that they will make thoughtful and reasoned recommendations and help the University meet the legislative mandate to develop "a balanced and financially viable athletic program that is in full compliance with the requirements of Title IX and the CSU Cal/NOW consent decree."

Dr. Richman will convene an organizational meeting of the Task Force on Monday, September 29, at 6 p.m., in the Grand Salon of the University Student Union, to set the agenda, outline the tasks, and develop a schedule to meet legislative reporting deadlines. He has invited State Senator Cathie Wright and me to address the group and answer any questions.

Blenda J. Wilson

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