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Spring Enrollments and Fall Admissions March 3 1997

March 3, 1997

Our continued commitment to an assertive rebuilding schedule, a comprehensive student-centered philosophy, and expanded outreach efforts have resulted in an application response which has far exceeded our expectations. The Spring 1997 census week enrollment of 18,605 is above our target of 18,438. We have also exceeded our bench-mark of 7800 applications for First Time Freshmen in the fall. At this rate, the applicant pool for Fall 1997 will exceed our ability to accommodate the students with high quality instruction and adequate course offerings.

Therefore, in consultation with the Enrollment Management Committee, I have made the decision to close admission consideration for First Time Freshman applicants on Saturday, March 15, 1997 with the exception of EOP applicants, athletes, disabled, deaf & hard of hearing students and international students. We will continue to accept applications from these special populations to facilitate student access and maintain the integrity of these programs.

The university will also continue to accept applications for undergraduate transfer and graduate students until the Fall 1997 FTES target is achieved.

The Educational Opportunity Program has received over 4000 requests for Fall 1997 program consideration. With a planned target of 25% of the entering Freshmen class, the current pool of applicants is sufficient to fulfill the target and fully represent our service area community. Therefore EOP applications will not be accepted beyond the published deadline for priority financial aid consideration of March 2, 1997. This will enable the program to provide financial support and quality retention services to new students without adversely impacting support to continuing students.

Cal State Northridge is clearly experiencing the extraordinary enrollment demand that has been described as "Tidal Wave II." While we will continue to be advocates for making it possible for every deserving California resident to attend an institution of higher learning our highest strategic priority is to provide quality instruction and adequate course offerings for enrolled students. Setting deadlines for acceptance will help us ensure that all students at the university receive instruction and service appropriate to their needs.

Blenda J. Wilson

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