President's Office

From the President's Desk November 9 1994

November 9, 1994

In the wake of voter approval of Propositions 187, I want to provide a brief explanation of where the CSU System and Cal State Northridge stand in regard to its implementation. It appears the new measure will be promptly challenged in court and that the most likely outcome of that challenge is a restraining order that prohibits its implementation.

In addition, it appears that the measure conflicts with certain federal legislation, namely the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act, also commonly called the Buckley Amendment, that grants to students and their families certain rights to privacy regarding personal information.

In addition, there are many, many questions about how the provisions of this measure would be implemented, not only here at Cal State Northridge, but equitably, reasonably, legally, logistically and constitutionally across the CSU, the UC, community colleges, and in public schools. We will not presume how to legally and constitutionally implement such an important law without specific direction from the State of California.

Ultimately, of course, Cal State Northridge will comply with the law, if and whenever the courts determine it to be constitutional and if and when the State should provide definition as to how it should be implemented. We will keep you informed as the legal case unfolds.

In the meantime, I encourage faculty and staff to assure students that we will protect and respect their constitutional and legal rights. I also encourage faculty to seize this moment as a learning opportunity, to teach the phenomenon of nativism in its historical, political, economic, sociological, and cultural context and perspective. This set of facts presents an opportunity to exercise students' skills in research, writing, rhetoric, logical and expression. I would also ask you all to serve as role models for student so that they also learn from us the principles of caring, community, and civility, and how we, in a university community, apply the remarkable powers of the human intellect, imagination, and spirit to understand and ultimately solve difficult problems.

Blenda J. Wilson