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From the President's Desk March 13 1995


Bradford Decision - "Leticia A"

As I reported in the last "From the President's Desk," a recent court settlement requires that California State University system to assess non-resident fees to students who are not legal resident of the United States. This settlement means that the California State University system will implement the same policy that has governed the community colleges and the University of California.

The Bradford decision affects all students in an undocumented status and will be implemented at the commencement of the Fall '95 term for campuses like ours which operate on the semester system.

A number of questions and concerns surrounding this court settlement have been expressed on the campus in the past two weeks. I can assure you that we are seeking appropriate clarification as rapidly as the questions arise. We do know that there is not provision in the settlement to grandfather continuing students.

Campuses in the CSU on the quarter system have had to implement the Bradford decision immediately. Cal State Northridge will be sending letters soon to all continuing students who have previously identified themselves as undocumented. Our letter will notify those students about the Bradford decision and request that they notify the campus if their status has changed. This will insure that such students will be charged the appropriate fee rate. The campus will also send a similar letter to all Fall '95 applicants so that they will know the basis on which their fees will be charged.

As more information becomes available we will advise you immediately. Individual students who are concerned about the relevance of this new law to their registration and/or fee status should make an appointment with Selma Mayhew in Admissions and Records by calling (818) 885-3773.

I remind you that this settlement should not be confused with the provisions of Proposition 187, which is still subject to a temporary restraining order which will be reviews by the court in June.

Transit Center

The University is working with the Metropolitan Transit Authority to establish a Transit Center at the University. This Center, one of several proposed for the city of Los Angeles, is part of the transit restructuring currently underway. The Centers are envisioned as hubs in a "hub and spoke" configuration and are designed to facilitate a greater number of transfer opportunities for a wider range of destinations -- without long delays.

Several campus sites are under review, with the greatest interest currently being given to the southern portion of Parking Lot C. The MTA's preference is for a southern campus location to take advantage of existing bus traffic patterns. The Cal State Northridge Center will require space for 5 to 6 bus bays ("holding" lanes), for buses to arrive, pick up transfers, and to continue on their routes. There will also be a small kiosk and/or ticket office. Capital costs will be borne by the MTA, while long term maintenance (essentially striping and repairing pot holes) will be the University's responsibility.

The proposal has been presented to the Campus Planning Board, and will be reviewed next by the Chancellor's Office. An Environmental Impact Report, which will include a traffic study, will also be required before the center can be approved and established.

Early Retirement Incentive

Senator Jim Costa (D-San Joaquin Valley) has introduced legislation (SB 280) which would authorize the Governor to provide state managerial, supervisorial and confidential employees with 3 years additional age and 3 years of additional credit if they retire prior to December 31, 1995. As currently written, this bill does not include faculty.

Chances for passage, however, are not high, since a similar bill could not pass the Legislature last year despite a Democratic majority , and the Governor did not support it. But we will keep you informed on its progress.

Faculty/Staff Housing

For several years, members of the campus community have commented about difficulty in recruiting top candidates because of the area's high cost of housing.

The University Corporation ( formerly the California State University Foundation, Northridge) did some preliminary housing survey work before the recent enrollment decline. The project was then put on hold because of a lack of hiring. With the substantial number of recent retirements, the campus is starting to hire again. In addition, the next "baby boomers" are now in the tenth grade, just two years away from college.

In anticipation of future hiring, the Corporation has retained a consulting firm to do a more thorough faculty/staff market survey. They are currently seeking faculty volunteers for three focus groups: those hired since 1990, those hired between 1980-1990, and those hired prior to 1980. Please understand that this is not just for those who have not yet purchased a home. For those who own a home, we are interested in finding out if it is the type of house desired and/or in the desired area. Also, for those approaching the "empty nest" period or those approaching retirement, will their needs change?

If you would be willing to volunteer to help the University and your future colleagues by participating in a focus group, please call Liz at 885-2906.

Staff Forum on Personnel Issues

On February 20, 1995, I met with staff, in a forum sponsored by the Commission on the Status of Women, to discuss concerns about promotions, classification and other personnel issues. I was pleased with both the large turnout and the frankness with which people shared their perceptions about our work environment.

In coming months, I have asked our Office of Human Resources to explore implementation of those suggestions resulting from the forum which included:

¥ Reviewing personnel policies to provide more prompt processing and defined timelines for completing reviews.

¥ Developing and publishing a Handbook to inform staff of personnel policies and practices.

¥ Conducting orientation for new employees including a review of the Handbook.

¥ Conducting workshops to assist employees in understanding the Personnel system.

In addition, I have asked Human Resources to recommend a campus policy on temporary employment for my approval by the end of this term. The recommendations will be distributed to staff for their comment.

My thanks, again, to staff members who participated in this constructive and informative dialogue.

Passage of the Athletics Referendum

As you know, students voted to support the increased student fee referendum which will enable Cal State Northridge to continue a full range of intercollegiate sports in the Division I level. I want to thank the students for providing this opportunity for the student athletes and for the campus. The University administration is committed to assuring that the athletic programs will represent the highest standards of excellence.

I urge all members of the University community to join with me in supporting the athletic programs, attending our games and encouraging our athletes to excel. Intercollegiate athletics is a university and community asset. Your support, and financial contributions, would be very welcome.


Blenda J. Wilson

March 13, 1995