President's Office

From the President's Desk January 24 1995

State Northridge

I hope all of you were able to hear President Bill Clinton's address during his visit to the campus on January 17, 1995. Accompanied by Transportation Secretary Frederico Pena, Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros, Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, and FEMA Director James Lee Witt, the President spoke to a capacity crowd, applauding our recovery efforts and pledging to continue the assistance we have received to date from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The President's address included a significant new policy announcement in his proposal for tax deductions for all postsecondary educational expenses. He equated higher education to home ownership as a fundamental social investment worthy of comparable tax incentives. We shall carefully watch the progress of that proposal as the 1996 political campaign begins to unfold.

This was an exciting day for the University and a fitting tribute to your extraordinary work during the past year. Special thanks to Dorena Knepper, Bill Chatham and the Physical Plant Management staff, Chris Baylis and Law Crandall, Bruce Erickson and Carmen Chandler, and to the many, many campus personnel who worked so diligently and gave up a holiday weekend to make this event such a success.

Update on Strategic Planning

I'm pleased to announce that the selection process for the Strategic Planning Committee has been completed. Many thanks to all of you who participated in the nomination process. It was difficult to select only 19 people given the wide array of talents represented. I encourage all of you to remain actively involved in the process through the speaker's series and task forces that will be formed later on.

The persons invited to serve on the Committee are:

Henry Abrash, Chemistry Linda Bain, Communication, Health and Human Services Robert Barker, Accounting and Management Information Systems Donald Bianchi, Science and Mathematics Judith Blumenthal, Management Roger DiJulio, Civil, Industrial and Applied Mechanics Adele Gottfried, Educational Psychology Debra Hammond, University Student Union Marty Holzman, Physical Plant Management Louanne Kennedy, Academic Affairs Jerry Luedders, Music Pat Nichelson, Religious Studies Jim O'Donnell, Continuing Education Mary Pardo, Chicano Studies Vu Tran, Financial Aid Era Trice, Student Veda Ward, Leisure Studies Blenda Wilson, President (Ex-Officio) Wendy Yost, Student Maria Elena Zavala, Biology

In addition to completing the selection process for the Strategic Planning Committee, the first three speakers in the Strategic Planning Speaker's Series have been confirmed.

¥Chancellor Barry Munitz will be speaking on "Trends in Higher Education" on February 1 at 4:30 p.m. in the Shoshone Room of the Satellite Student Union.

¥Patrick Callan, Executive Director the California Higher Education Policy Center, will speak on February 20 at 4:00 p.m. in the University Student Union Theater. Dr. Callan recently authored The California Higher Education Policy Vacuum, a critique of political and educational policy making and leadership in California.

¥Robert Zemsky, Director of the Institute for Research in Higher Education at the University of Pennsylvania, will address the campus community on March 1 at 10:30 a.m. in the Shoshone Room. Dr. Zemsky is Senior Editor of Policy Perspectives, a publication of the Pew Higher Education Roundtable.

The Strategic Planning Speaker Series is open to the entire university community. The speakers have been selected to inform, and provoke, our strategic thinking. Each program will be videotaped and can be obtained on a loaned basis by those who are unable to attend the presentations. (Information about borrowing this videotape will be provided at a later date.) Seating is limited and will be filled on a first- come first-served basis. Please look for more information on the series in the UIB.

Bradford Decision

A recent court settlement requires the California State University System to assess non-resident fees to students who are not legal residents of the United States, similarly to foreign students and citizens from other states who enroll at our campuses. This brings the system to parity with the community colleges and the University of California, which were ordered to do so by the California Superior Courts in a decision known as the Bradford Decision. This recent settlement should not be confused with the provisions of Proposition 187 which is still subject to a temporary restraining order.

Since this requirement is current practice within the community colleges and the University of California, guidelines on implementation are readily available and will be provided to the CSU campuses by the Office of General Counsel shortly. The ruling takes place immediately for all NEW (not continuing) registrants who indicate that they are not legal residents of the United States, but does not require institutional verification of citizenship. As soon as CSU procedures and policy are developed by the Chancellor's Office, the necessary information will be provided to appropriate campus personnel.

1995/96 Governor’s Budget

We have recently received information regarding the Governor's proposed 1995/96 budget for the CSU. It recommends an increase of $42.6 million, or 2.73%, in CSU support.

Highlights of the proposal include:

¥a four year funding compact with state funding increases of 2.7% in 95/96 and increases averaging 4% per year, excluding debt service, for the following three years.

¥supports the level of student fees set by the Board of Trustee, including the graduate differential, and supports setting aside one-third of the fee for financial aid.

¥calls for enrollment growth over the four year period to average 1% per year.

¥provides no specific funding for new compensation increases, but acknowledges our priority for restoring the salaries of instructional faculty to competitive levels over the four year period.

¥calls for a continuation of the productivity achievements made at the CSU in response to past budget reductions suggesting continued saving of $10 million per year.

¥calls for renewed commitment to undergraduate teaching and a four-year degree pledge for full time students, acknowledging that such a goal will require increased teaching workloads.

Cal State Northridge Enrollment Figures

As of day 11 of Spring 1995 TTR, we have enrolled 19,892 students. While we cannot compare this figure to day 11 of Spring 1994 TTR due to the earthquake, it appears that enrollments for the spring term are down as much as 12% from where they were last spring. Registration continues, with late registration ending Friday, February 17.

Several initiatives to increase enrollments have been undertaken by the Enrollment Management Task Force. Among them are more aggressive recruitment activities by the Freshman and Transfer Outreach Programs, including on-site admissions activities, and Transfer Outreach and Recruitment Day, scheduled for February 15 during the Campus Celebration Week Festivities. The campus is developing new recruitment materials including a new Viewbook and Search piece, designed to attract larger numbers of new students to the campus. We have placed applications for admissions at Information Booths around campus to make obtaining this information easier for potential applicants. We are redeveloping Major Sheets to include employment potential data for the major. We are developing an automated Inquiry/Prospect System to better develop the market for potential students. We are inviting "no shows" and "drop outs" to be considered for future enrollment. Direct mail to high school and community college counselors about the opportunities at CSUN is being prepared that dispels some of the myths about the campus. We have developed the 4-year degree pledge for incoming freshmen and a "guarantee program" for transfer students is under development.

I encourage the entire University community to think about ways you can personally recruit students to the campus. I also invite you to share your ideas about further University efforts with the Provost, Dr. Louanne Kennedy, and the Enrollment Management Committee.

Blenda J. Wilson 
January 24, 1995