President's Office

Message to Campus from President Harrison

November 9, 2016


To the Campus Community,

Every Presidential election presents a historic moment in our nation's history. And more than most, this is true for the 2016 election. On the morning after this historic election, I want to first express my thanks to the Associated Students, the Office of Community Engagement and other campus groups who provided programming this fall to encourage students to exercise their right to vote. Similarly, I applaud every member of our faculty, staff, and students who took the time to become informed about the issues and candidates, and then exercised their right to vote. Indeed, several outcomes of this election will directly benefit our campus community.

 As you are no doubt aware, voting in the State of California was, at the Presidential level, different from the way most states voted and, acting in frustration, students on some campuses have begun protesting the elections results. It is my hope that our campus community will come alive with opportunities for students to evaluate the election results and think together about how our nation can find common ground on some of the important issues and values that divide us. One such issue is that of immigration reform, and I am keenly aware of the anxiety already being expressed by undocumented students. Let me take this opportunity to reaffirm my support for our undocumented students, and I want them to know that my commitment to advance policies and resources that provide a context for their success is resolute.

 Given the expectations and hopes expressed by our students in this week's Sundial, I know that many in our campus community are upset, worried and not sure about our future. At the same time, I also know that many in our community are looking ahead to change. I encourage our entire campus to take this opportunity to engage with one another, constructively discuss the election and come together to understand our role as engaged individuals.

 CSUN's values and mission remain unchanged. We remain committed to diversity, to inclusion and to the power of education to positively change the world.

 Again, I am proud of all of you who exercised your right to vote, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts as we move ahead. 


Dianne F. Harrison
resident, California State University, Northridge