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Help Make CSUN Shine Bright Topic 6: Parking

October 8, 2015

The Help Make CSUN Shine Bright is an ongoing initiative that allows the university to tap into our most valuable resource – students, faculty, and staff – about issues that can benefit from the innovative ideas and solutions of the campus community. Past topics have covered diverse issues, such as student success and sustainability. This semester, we are seeking input and feedback on the topic of parking.

On almost any university campus, parking is a persistent issue and, at times, a source of frustration. Over the past decade, CSUN built the B3, B5 and G3 parking structures, adding 5,000 spaces to support increasing student enrollment. In addition, the university implemented a number of programs and initiatives to keep parking rates as low as possible and to increase transit options for students, faculty and staff. These include 50% permit cost reduction and shuttle service from Lot F10, short term hourly permits in the eastern campus lots, and a variety of alternative travel options, including a transit station with increased MTA bus service and Metrolink shuttle connections, ride share and van pool programs, and increased bike lanes and secure bike compounds.

As the number of commuters coming to campus continues to rise, CSUN strives to provide ample parking capacity and affordable rates, as well as enhance mass transit options for students, faculty, and staff. Equally importantly, CSUN wishes to maintain good relations with our neighbors, who have raised concerns regarding increased CSUN parking on residential streets. It is important to note that CSUN’s parking and transportation programs receive no state funding—all operations, maintenance, and facility construction are funded through campus parking fees.

To balance affordability with the need to provide effective transportation options for the campus community, we invite feedback on the following topics, using the survey form here (NOTE: Survey concluded on October 23, 2015).

  1. What additional steps can the university take to encourage more students, faculty, and staff to take advantage of mass transit, ridesharing, and alternative forms of transportation?
  2. What can the university do to ensure that students, faculty, staff and campus guests, whose only option is to drive to CSUN, park on campus? Please share your ideas. 
  3. Would you be in favor of a modest increase in parking fees to fund construction of additional parking facilities?

We thank you for taking the time to provide valuable feedback.

Update on the fall 2013 Help Make CSUN Shine Brighter question: We asked the CSUN community if the campus should become smoke free. A task force was appointed to study the input and explore all facets of the issue. As a result, CSUN is now smoke- and tobacco-free! Your feedback confirmed that a significant segment of CSUN students, faculty and staff supports this change. For more information on CSUN’s smoke-free initiative, including smoking cessation resources available to you, please visit


Dianne F. Harrison, Ph.D.
California State University, Northridge