President's Office

COVID-19 Update: Employee Parking Deductions

April 6, 2020

Dear CSUN Staff and Faculty,

The evolving nature of COVID-19 necessitates nearly constant evaluation of our operations. We have moved to offer students the opportunity to receive parking-related refunds due to our shift to virtual instruction. With most faculty and staff now working remotely, CSUN will suspend automatic monthly payroll deductions for parking for the April and May 2020 pay periods. Employees not on automatic payroll deduction who purchased a semester or annual pass, may contact Parking Services via email to request a partial refund in accordance with the refund schedules on the Parking Services website.

Employees required to report to campus to provide essential services during April and May are asked to display their parking permits as normal. However, please note that suspension of payroll deductions and refund options will apply to all employees regardless of whether they are working remotely or on-campus. Monthly payroll deductions are anticipated to resume for the June pay period, and employees will be notified if conditions change.

Thank you for your continued dedication and flexibility during these challenging times.


Dianne F. Harrison, Ph.D.