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Third Quarter RIPA Data


Third Quarter RIPA Data

The Racial and Identity Profiling Act (RIPA) requires state and local law enforcement agencies to collect data regarding stops of individuals and to report this data to the California Department of Justice. RIPA also requires the Attorney General to issue regulations for the collection and reporting of this stop data. This data is not only used to inform policy and other recommendations issued by the Racial and Identify Profiling Advisory Board but is a cornerstone for law enforcement agencies in understanding and shaping policy at the local level.
Source: California DOJ

Perceived Race or Ethnicity of Person Stopped

Pie chart showing percieved race or ethnicity of person stopped.


  • White: 32
  • Asian: 7
  • Middle Eastern or South Asian: 11
  • Hispanic/Latino: 68
  • Black/African American: 16
  • Pacific Islander, White: 1


Perceived Gender of Person Stopped

Pie chart of percieved gender.


  • Cisgender man/boy: 102
  • Cisgender woman/girl: 33


Reason for Stop

Reason for stop pie chart.


  • Traffic violation: 84
  • Reasonable suspicion that this person was engaged in criminal activity: 46
  • Consensual encounter resulting in search: 3
  • Investigation to determine if person is truant: 2