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Chief of Police's Full Acknowledgement Statement


Chief of Police's Full Acknowledgement Statement

We acknowledge that law enforcement and policing in this country has a history of harm within communities of color and those that have been traditionally marginalized. In the interests of complete transparency, we feel it is imperative for us to acknowledge the historically fragile relationship between law enforcement and marginalized members of society. Social injustice and deeply entrenched racial inequalities are difficult yet vital topics of engagement in our world today, and we at the CSUN DPS are examining our existing systems, processes, and policies to further refine our commitment to this University and all who call CSUN home.

We embrace the University’s commitment and dedication to providing spaces where all Matadors can come together to learn, grow and succeed on our campus.

We pledge to treat all members of our community with fairness and respect, and we encourage conversations regarding race, diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

We welcome and encourage all CSUN stake-holders to connect with us here as we look at past events, current policies, and future goals with a critical lens through which we will find truth, clarity, and meaningful change.

As a method of introspective examination and community collaboration, we have created this Transparency Dashboard as a tool to improve internal and external Department practices and relationships.

Alfredo B. Fernandez
Chief of Police