Aggressive Driving & Road Rage

Dealing with Aggressive Drivers

If you have ever been passed on the wrong side, passed in a NO passing zone, tailgated, or cut off by another vehicle, then you have been the victim of an aggressive driver.

Aggressive driving generally involves one or more traffic violations. Drivers may be fined up to $200 and receive points on their driving record for each moving violation associated with aggressive driving and could even spend time in jail. When a traffic incident escalates into a more serious situation, that’s road rage. If road rage results in violence, a collision or injury, it is a criminal offense.

Avoiding Becoming an Aggressive Driver

  1. Keep your emotions in check. Don’t take your frustrations out on other drivers.
  2. Traffic congestion is a problem almost everywhere and can occur at any time. Plan ahead and allow time for delays.
  3. Focus on your own driving. Yelling, gesturing, honking the horn and pounding on your steering wheel will not get you to your destination any faster.

How to Avoid Danger

FIRST, be a cautious and considerate driver. Avoid creating a situation that may provoke another motorist. 
  • Don’t tailgate or flash your lights at another motorist.  
  • If you are in the left lane and another motorist wants to pass, move over and let the driver by.
SECOND, if you do encounter an angry driver, don’t make matters worse by escalating the situation. 
  • Avoid eye contact 
  • Steer clear and give angry drivers plenty of room 
  • Don’t make inappropriate hand or facial gestures

If none of this works and you are concerned for you or your passenger’s safety, call 911.