A New Easy Way to Verify Employment & Income: The Work Number

Please Note:  Effective December 7, 2022, CSUN will no longer use the InVerify Platform.  Income and Employment Verifications are now available using The Work Number by Equifax.  If a verification was initiated using InVerify but not completed, it must be recreated utilizing The Work Number.

To assist current and former staff, faculty, and administrators in providing verification of employment and/or income, CSU Northridge utilizes "The Work Number by Equifax," an HR service partner.  This service generally helps with gathering verification information needed to apply for a loan, home mortgage, new job, rental qualification, or social service benefits such as temporary assistance, housing assistance, child support, or nutrition assistance.

To verify your own income and employment information as an employee, follow the steps noted under Employee Self Service.
To verify income or employment as a Third Party for a CSUN employee, follow the steps noted under Third Party Verifier. 

 Employee Self-Service | Employment and Income Verification:

The employee self-service portal from The Work Number is designed for you to have access to your employment and income verification information. The following services are available: 

  • Unofficial 'Employment Data Report': Review the Employment Data Report to view what information is provided on your behalf. This report is for employee use only and cannot be distributed to third party verifiers like banks or mortgage companies.
  • Immigration Letter: Print out or download an employment letter designed specifically for use as employment and income verification with Immigration Offices.
  • Employee Usage Report: View credentialed verifiers who have requested your data in the past two years.
  • Verification of Employment (VOE) Express Letter: Print out or download a copy of your own employment verification letter to use when looking for housing or for any other simple employment verification request.

Note: It can take up to three months for job data to reflect new appointments and changes in the CSUN system. Faculty can find additional information about employment in their appointment letter; a copy of the appointment letter is generally available from your department office.

To use The Work Number, you must first create an account.


Step 1 • Create an Account and Identify Your Employer

Go to The Work Number "Manage Your Employment Data" page. After clicking Sign Up, select “Not A Robot" before continuing. Enter the employer code (33155) for CSUN.

Step 2 • Log In and Confirm Your Identity

First-time users select the “Register Now” option. You will be required to provide additional data for authentication and you will need to complete a one-time passcode challenge. After authenticating, you will create a personal User ID and Password. If you are not initially presented with the Register Now option or need login assistance, you can call our Client Service Center at 866-604-6570.

Third Party Verifier | Outside Organization Employment  & Income Verification Information:

To get started go to The Work Number by Equifax and register to create a user account to get instant online verification reports. Registration is a one-time process and takes just a few minutes online. For Commercial users, all verifications must be obtained from the secure website. For additional assistance, contact The Work Number's customer support team.

Choose the link for the type of verification you wish to obtain:

For verification of information of campus auxiliary employees, please use the following payroll office contacts:

  • Associated Students: Phone (818) 677-2389, Fax (818) 677-3869
  • The University Corporation: Phone (818) 677-5298, Fax (818) 677-2960
  • University Student Union: Phone (818) 677-6027, Fax (818) 677-5750