Timekeeper Manage Timesheet Exceptions

All Time & Labor transactions that are entered in the system are processed by Time Administration. This process captures approved transactions and converts them to “payable time” for Payroll processing if it does not detect data errors and/or exceptions.

Transactions failing the validation process are captured on the Manage (Timesheet) Exceptions page. Use the Manage Exception page to review transactions that generated ‘exceptions’. When an exception exists, the employee’s Timesheet should be corrected to fix the identified issue. After the correction is made, the Time Administration process will reprocess the time and clear the exception.

If the exception is “allowable” because the employee was approved to work the reported hours, then the transaction should be marked “allow” on the Manage Exception page. Enter a comment to explain every transaction that is allowable.

STEP 1: From CSUN Portal, select MyCSUN then CSUN Portal.  From the top menu bar, select HR then SOLAR HR.  Once the Oracle page opens, navigate to Manager Self Service > Time Management > Approve Time & Exceptions > Exceptions.

STEP 2: The Manage Exceptions page will appear. Enter the selection criteria (e.g. department number in the GroupID field) or leave the selection blank and click “Get Employees”.

Manage Exceptions - Get Employees

STEP 3: Employees who fail validation (e.g. student employee worked over 20 hours per week) will appear. Review the exceptions. To correct the issue, go to the employee’s Timesheet and correct the applicable entries (refer to Step 4 for details). After the system re-processes the employees’ time, the employee will automatically be removed from the Manage Exception page. Do not mark the exception as “allow” if the Timesheet transaction is invalid. The Timesheet should be corrected to reflect the correct entry. 

DO NOT select “allow” on the Manage Exception page for any employees whose time needs to be corrected.

Manage Exceptions Overview

If the exception is allowable, select the “ALLOW” checkbox next to the employee’s name, enter a Comment describing the allowable situation and select “Save”. DO NOT select “Allow All” unless all exceptions on the page are ‘allowable’.

If a student employee exceeds the weekly 20-hour maximum, approval must be obtained from the Financial Manager (MPP Administrator) in the department or College. A sample comment/explanation that should be included when approving such an exception would be “Approved by [First Name Last Name], Financial Manager, for the week of 10/09/2012; [reason for extending 20-hour maximum]”.

Please refer to the Student Assistant/Federal Work-Study Student Compensation Plan document located on the Human Resources website under Classification and Compensation for additional information regarding student employment.

NOTE: The COMMENT box is located in the DETAILS tab.

Manage Exceptions Details

STEP 4: To correct the transaction that caused the exception, go to “Enter Timesheet Data” and retrieve the transaction in question. Make the appropriate change and submit the revised transaction. In the example below, split the 25-hour transaction on 10/14/11 and post the hours worked against the actual day(s) the work was performed. Click SUBMIT when done.

Manage Exceptions Submit