Time Approver Approve Timesheet Data

All Time and Labor transactions should be reviewed and approved on a regular basis (e.g. weekly) and must be approved before the monthly approver deadline. Time for prior payroll cycles cannot be entered or approved online and must be reported to the department Timekeeper for processing.

Please refer to the University Payroll Calendar for campus deadlines.  Your department may enforce earlier deadlines, please contact your supervisor, manager, or department for department specific deadlines.

STEP 1: Locate the “HR/Manager-Time & Attendance” pagelet on the portal page and select “Approve Timesheet Data”.

STEP 2: On the approval page, enter the selection criteria including the Start Date and End Date. NOTE:Group ID” is the department number.

STEP 3: Click “Get Employees”.

Approve Time Reporters

STEP 4: A list of employees meeting the selected criteria will display. Review and validate the entries and click the “Select” box next to the employee’s name to select the employee for approval. Use the “Select All” link to select all employees and transactions in the list. Click the Approve button to approve all selected transactions. This step can be used to approve groups of employees.

To review all transactions by employee and approve individual transactions, go to STEP 5.

Approver Select Employee Name

STEP 5: From the previous page, click the employee’s name to access the transaction details. On the detail page, check the applicable box next to the transaction(s) to select it or click “Select All” to select all transactions.

STEP 6: Click “Approve”.

Approve Time Selected

STEP 7: Click OK to proceed.

Approve Payable Time