Timesheet & Absence Management Update:

As more employees begin entering their own time in our system as self-reporters, we want to highlight two important processing rules:  

Employees with Multiple Jobs/Positions -

The Self Reporter security role is granted to the employee and not to a specific single job. Therefore, when Timesheet or Absence access is requested for an employee, the access will allow them to view and enter time and/or absences (depending on whether the request was for Time & Labor or Absence Management) for all of the employee's jobs. To help ensure that employees are only entering time for the appropriate job(s), it is important that department Timekeepers and Approvers carefully review employees' time/absences as part of the monthly time and attendance management process.

Access for Employees who are Separating or Terminating -

As part of the security compliance process, access to HR applications is automatically terminated each night when the system detects that the employee does not have an active job. In the event that an employee is terminating from one position but will be rehired, it is important to coordinate the rehire activity carefully so the employee retains at least one active job to retain their security access.

SOLAR HR Support -

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