Payroll Deductions

Mandatory Payroll Deductions:

  1. Federal and State tax

  2. Medicare tax (1.45%), if applicable

  3. Social Security (6.2%), if applicable, to annual maximum earnings of $137,700 (2020)

  4. Retirement (percentage based on your contract), if applicable

  5. Flex-Admin fee, if applicable

  6. When an employee pays any portion of their health premium, the State Controller’s Office (SCO) charges an administrative fee of $0.17 to forward your payment to the insurance carrier.

  7. "Fair Share" or membership dues for union affiliation, if applicable; for more information, visit:

Voluntary Payroll Deductions:

  • Insurance
  • Membership dues
  • University Affiliated Charitable Contributions
  • Parking *

Note*:  Contact Parking Services to obtain parking permits and initiate and/or cancel parking deductions.  All other voluntary deductions can be initiated and/or cancelled by contacting the respective companies.