Part Time Faculty User Quick Guide

The Part Time Faculty module is updated with new semester dates approximately 3 weeks prior to the semester begin date. Announcements are usually communicated via e-mail as well as found on academic processing calendars located on the Human Resources Academic Personnel website

1. To access the Part Time Faculty module from the portal, find the Human Resources/Manager pagelet, and click on Enter Part-time Faculty.

Enter Part Time Faculty 

2. Enter Department, Job Code, and Faculty employee ID (emplID) if known. If EmplID is not known, search by name or Social Security Number (SSN). The more specific your search criteria, the easier it will be to retrieve the records for a specific individual.

Part Time Faculty Search 

3. If the correct match is found, skip to step 7.

 PTF Search No Employees Found

4. If no matches are found, click on Hire New PTF Employee.


New academic employees may have signed in with Human Resources BEFORE entering the appointment in the Part Time Faculty module. HR then assigns an EmplID to enable the Faculty access to campus resources.

New academic employees may have taken classes at CSUN in the past, and although may not have worked here, may have a CSUN ID number.

Search CAREFULLY to avoid creating a duplicate identification number!

5. Hiring new Faculty requires entry of Personal Data which includes name, address, phone number and SSN. The effective date defaults to the next semester begin date.

 Part Time Faculty Hire

6. To complete hiring new Faculty, enter necessary job data at the bottom of the screen, including:

  • Paid Units

  • Duration of Appointment

  • (Salary) Grade

  • Compensation Base

Click the yellow Save button.

Part Time Faculty Job Data 

7. If a search displays a match or several, identify the correct employee. The More Info link displays all appointments active and terminated for selected employee. Clicking on the yellow Select button will display the New Appointment page. Personal Data will default, but Job Data must be completed before clicking Save.

For more information, refer to the SOLAR HR: Part Time Faculty User Guide.

Part Time Faculty Search Results









 Part Time Faculty Job Data

For more information, refer to the SOLAR HR: Part Time Faculty User Guide


Assistance is available by contacting HR Operations at x2101. To contact your HR Operations representative, refer to the HR Directory.