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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

California State University, Northridge, supports the use of Electric Vehicles, as these vehicles promote a means for commuting that greatly reduces and/or eliminates pollution. To ensure that users are responsible and cooperate with each other pertaining to the use of electric vehicle charging stations on the CSUN campus, the following information is provided as a guideline. 

How much does it cost to charge my electric vehicle?

There is currently no cost to charge your electric vehicle on the CSUN campus, however, there 
may be a requirement by the charging station operator to register before use. The registration 
(if required) is free.

What about parking permits...Are they required?

All vehicles parked on the CSUN campus must display a valid CSUN permit and must be properly parked in the designated parking stall. All properly displayed, valid, CSUN parking permit categories are acceptable at any EV Charging Station (i.e., Student, Daily, Resident, Faculty, Staff, Visitor, Guest, Emeritus, etc.).  Parking permits that are specifically designated for "North Campus" (F10 Lot) are NOT valid at EV Charging stations in other lots.  

Parking is enforced on campus 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Daily parking permits are $8. 
Permit dispensers are located in all student lots. 

Restriction: To use an Electric Vehicle Charging Station located inside a CSUN parking structure, the vehicle must display a permit approved for that parking structure.

Is there a time limit for using a charging station at a parking space?

Vehicles occupying any on-campus parking space set aside for Electric Vehicle Charging are limited to the number of hours posted for that stall.  The maximum is 4 hours per day.  

Vehicles may not go over the time limit or occupy multiple charger spaces during the same day, nor can the time limit for charging be split into smaller segments by leaving and returning to a charging station the same day.  Failure to observe these restrictions may subject the vehicle to citation.  Persons charging electric vehicles on the CSUN campus are asked to consider the needs of others by removing the vehicle when it is charged.  This will allow other users to access the EV Charging Station. 

What type of electric vehicle chargers to you have?

With the exception of the EV Charging Stations located in the F5 parking lot, all EV Charging stations on the CSUN campus are Level 2 chargers, which offer medium speed charging, adding 10-20 miles* per hour of charging—depending upon the vehicle. (*Source of information: Plug In America, 2nd Edition, 2011.)

The EV Charging Stations located in the F5 parking lot (near the Soccer Stadium) are DC Fast-Charge Stations.  

California State University, Northridge is not responsible for damage caused by improper charging of an electric vehicle.  All EV Charging Station users are expected to use the chargers properly.  

Where are the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations located?

Electric Vehicle Charging stations are located in the following parking lots:

• B2 has 4 chargers (northeast corner)
• B4 has 2 chargers (south side, near Information Booth)
• B5 surface lot has 2 chargers (outside the north wall of the B5 structure)
• B6 has 3 chargers (southwest corner)
• E5 has 2 chargers (east side of Jacaranda Hall)
• G3 surface lot has 4 chargers (southwest corner)
• G9 has 2 chargers (2nd level, west wall)
• F2 has 3 chargers (northeast corner)
• F5 has 2 chargers (DC Quick Chargers--northeast corner)

Here is a map showing where the Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are located on the CSUN campus.