Outreach Intern: Natalie De Leon

Natalie De Leon
Natalie De Leon Natalie De Leon Natalie De Leon

Natalie De Leon ’23
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Los Angeles/Pasadena, California
CSUN activities: Outreach Internship Program

I am a returning transfer student from Pasadena City College. When I first attended a couple of years ago, one of my favorite courses was an anthropology course called Sacred of the Hearts. It was basically a class on magic, paganism and taboo. Having the pleasure to return, I am enrolled in a sociology course on the Ethics of America, an Urban Studies course about the past, present and future of Los Angeles, a Geology course on the environment and a Religious Studies course on women and their role in religion.

So far, I really enjoy using the Oasis Wellness Center. Some of my favorite resources are the free classes on yoga, meditation and sound healing. I also like studying at the library because it allows me to focus.

I chose to become an Outreach Intern because I get joy in helping people. I want to inspire and motivate students to reach their dreams because nothing is impossible. Also, this position gives me the chance to grow in various skills that I will use toward my career goal.

As an intern, I have the privilege of guiding high school and college students through their application process and transition to CSUN. The relationship between students and me is in a one-on-one setting, through Live Chat or Zoom. I give individual students the opportunity to ask any questions about what the process of attending CSUN is. I also have the chance to help our counselors give presentations to students at their schools and fairs. Lastly, I get the chance to motivate students.