Outreach Intern: Ayana Galves

Ayana Galves
Ayana Galves Ayana Galves

Ayana Galves ’23
Major: Africana Studies
Hometown: Los Angeles, Hesperia
CSUN activities: University Library, Matador Nights, nap pods, Outreach Internship Program

I am a graduating senior here at CSUN majoring in Africana Studies. When I first came to CSUN, I was a Biology major, but soon into that program I knew that I belonged on a different route. I enjoyed my Africana Studies courses so much that I switched my major. My all-time favorite Africana Studies class is Fieldwork in the African-American Community (AFRS 392), which is my current fieldwork class.

One of my favorite places on campus is the University Library. My normal routine is to grab a quick sip and a bite from Freudian Sip and find an open space. One of the best qualities of the library is the quiet floors. It allows me peace in every aspect.

I chose to be an intern in Student Outreach and Recruitment because I want to support high school and transfer students with their transition to CSUN. Any new environment is a culture shock to most, but I strive to give all students the ins and outs of CSUN to inform them about the many resources we have here on campus and the opportunities for student involvement. I am able to offer high school students an in-person connection and one-on-one Zoom meetings with transfer students.

I also support Student Outreach and Recruitment counselors with school presentations and college fairs, and I assist Guest Relations with campus tours throughout the academic year. Essentially, I am here to motivate students and support their success before attending CSUN.