Outreach Intern: Alejandro Ornelas

Alex Ornelas
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Alejandro “Alex” Ornelas ’23
Major: Business Management and Marketing
Hometown: Ontario, California
CSUN activities: University Ambassadors, Delta Sigma Pi, intramural sports, Outreach Internship Program

To become a greater part of CSUN and find new friends, I joined University Ambassadors and Delta Sigma Pi. In University Ambassadors I help push younger generations to pursue higher education with tours that I volunteer for throughout the semester. As a part of Delta Sigma Pi, I have grown to become more of a business professional and surround myself with those who are also pursuing something within business. Both these activities have made a great impact on my time here at CSUN and have allowed me to create long-lasting friendships and networking opportunities. The final thing I am part of is intramural sports, such as basketball, with a few of my friends.

I really enjoy all the resources we have here at CSUN, such as the Student Recreation Center (SRC), and you can’t forget about the Oasis Wellness Center! I love playing sports and working out, so the SRC is a perfect place to meet new people and play sports that I enjoy. The Oasis is a perfect place to go take a nap and relax after a stressful day or an overall draining day with classes.

After graduation I hope to become a part of sports management ,whether it is stadium management or professional team management. One day I hope to be behind the scenes of any professional sports team or stadium, such as the Rose Bowl or the Lakers team management.

I became an outreach intern because I want to help younger students pursue higher education. I know that there are a lot of students who need guidance, so I want to be the peer who guides them in the right direction.