Counselor Newsletter, Vol. 4

May 20, 2021

Welcome to the fourth volume of California State University, Northridge’s counselor newsletter! This newsletter provides critical information to support the work you do for your students.

Here you will find updates from the California State University Chancellor’s Office, answers to frequently asked questions and information about Explore CSUN, our annual open house for newly admitted students. You’ll also have an opportunity to share the valuable lessons you’ve learned as a counselor in our counselor spotlight.

Updates from the California State University Chancellor’s Office

A few weeks ago, CSUN counselors received an email from the California State University Chancellor’s Office. Here are the most helpful updates:

  • Dashboards: On California State University's High School, Community College and Community Partners Student Success Dashboards, counselors can type in the name of their school and find data specific to their campus. Use these dashboards to gain valuable insight into students’ academic journeys.
  • Resources: It’s difficult to demonstrate the value of an education, especially during the pandemic. The website Cal State Pays displays earnings for different industries, majors and degrees after graduation. You can also find where California State University graduates work and what they earn.
  • Admissions guidance: In January 2021 California State University updated admissions guidance for both high school and transfer students during the pandemic. The latest guidance can be accessed by visiting the following pages:

Frequently asked questions

Question: What can students do if they haven’t been accepted to CSUN?
Students denied admission have the opportunity to appeal within 30 days of receiving their notification. If you have students who have been denied admission to CSUN but may have updated high school transcripts — including additional courses that could affect our decision — please encourage them to visit Admission Appeals, where they will find information to help them prepare an admission appeal packet.

Q: When are final transcripts due?
July 15 is the deadline for final transcripts to be sent to CSUN. The transcripts must be official and final — meaning that the school (not the student) must send it to our campus and that the transcript must include final spring 2021 grades. If a student asks their school to mail their transcript, it should be postmarked on or before July 15. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the internet-based eTranscript California system to send community college transcripts to CSUN electronically, if that’s available to you. Sending electronic transcripts:

  • Is faster than paper transcripts because we receive them quickly — within a day or so
  • Reduces the time it takes us to evaluate students’ transfer course work

Note: If transfer students apply to CSUN, we will request eTranscripts from their schools when they submit their online application, and they will be sent to us automatically.

If you have any questions about submitting transcripts, feel free to reach out to Admissions and Records.

Q: Is there something that students can do to ease their transition to CSUN?
CSUN offers a number of courses and programs designed to ease high school and transfer students’ transitions to our campus. These include a program called Early Start as well as three-unit course University 100 and one-unit course University 396A, which are respectively designed for incoming freshmen and transfer students.

Q: Are there any programs available to students during fall 2021 that help lower their cost of attendance?
Yes, all first-time freshmen attending CSUN this fall will receive print and digital textbooks at no cost. This, however, does not apply to transfer students, only to incoming first-time freshmen. If your student fits this criterion, advise them not to purchase their books. Program details will be shared with students via their CSUN email.

Additionally, to ensure that students can continue their education uninterrupted, CSUN provides technological devices to students at no cost through the Device Loaner Program. Devices available to students include Windows 10 laptops, hotspots for Wi-Fi and headsets.

Q: Where can I find the latest campus updates, such as those regarding virtual and on-campus instruction?
CSUN closely monitors information provided by state and local officials, and we’re developing a plan to safely reopen for the fall 2021 semester. In late June we’ll host a webinar to discuss our reopening plans and answer questions students and parents may have. In the coming weeks, we’ll provide more information, including an invitation and a registration link.

In the meantime, we encourage you and your students to visit CSUN as One and the Fall 2021 Planning Gateway for updates about campus operations, health and safety measures, support services and resources available to the CSUN community.

Explore CSUN

In April we hosted Explore CSUN, during which admitted students had the opportunity to learn about the university, the value of a CSUN education and the resources available to students.

Video recordings from the event are available on Explore CSUN. We recommend your students start with I’ve Been Admitted — What’s Next?

Counselor spotlight

We want to hear from you!

Share your most valuable lesson in your work as a counselor to be featured in our newsletter.

To participate, please send the following to Gigi McGuire:

  • A few sentences about your most valuable lesson or experience as a counselor
  • A photo of yourself that we can include with the feature