Counselor Newsletter, Vol. 3

January 27, 2021

We’ve created this newsletter to provide critical information to support the work you do for your students. You’ll find updates on CSUN’s admissions requirements, answers to frequently asked questions and information about:

Admissions updates (as of January 2021)

In 2020 the California State University admissions criteria for high school students changed, and these modifications have been extended to 2023. We have identified a few highlights regarding what to expect to help you prepare your future seniors. Visit The California State University for systemwide admissions updates.

  • The fall 2022 application filing period will open Oct. 1, 2021. 
  • CSUN will not use SAT or ACT scores for admissions for the fall 2022 semester.
  • While the minimum GPA for California State University admissions is 2.50, the minimum GPA for CSUN admissions is 2.65.

We’ll provide more details when the application filing period opens. Visit Prospective Students to learn more about admissions eligibility.

Frequently asked questions

We have received a number of inquiries about California State University admissions. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Question: Do students need to submit their seventh semester transcripts to CSUN?
Answer: An email was inadvertently sent to all applicants requesting these transcripts. The request only applies to students who were missing one or more of the required A-G courses. We sent a follow-up email with the correct information, but you may still get questions from your students. Again, only students who need to fulfill A-G requirements need to send a seventh semester transcript at this time.

Q: Why is CSUN asking my students to send in Advanced Placement (AP) scores?
Students who have taken AP classes while in high school can benefit from submitting their AP scores to meet admission criteria, subject requirements, prerequisites for university courses and university graduation requirements.

How to submit AP scores from exams completed within the last four years:

  • College Board: Scores may be sent directly to CSUN by College Board using CSUN school code 4707.
  • Via email: The official score report available through the student’s College Board account may be submitted to Admissions and Records via email. The email must include the report in PDF format (no screenshots) and the student’s CSUN ID number.

AP scores from exams taken more than four years ago have been archived and are no longer viewable from our online score reporting system. To send archived scores to CSUN, visit Send or Get a Copy of Archived Scores. Please note, the fee is $25 per report.

For more information about submitting AP scores, visit Get Your AP Scores.

Q: If a student has a change of plans regarding their spring courses, how do they let campuses know?
A: Freshman applicants may email each campus to notify them of any changes. Transfer applicants have until Jan. 31, 2021, to visit Cal State Apply, where they can update their academic record.

Q: When will admissions decisions be made, and when will students be notified?
A: CSUN admissions decisions have begun to go out to students and will continue through March. All decisions will be made by April 1, 2021. Students who applied to impacted majors may hear later than those who didn’t, so please encourage students to be patient with the process.

Q: When will students hear about their financial aid awards?
A: Once students are admitted and complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the California Dream Act Application (CADAA), the Financial Aid & Scholarship Department will send them a notification that their application was received and downloaded. Students will be alerted about any additional documents needed or if they are selected for GPA verification. If they receive a notice with an action item, encourage students to follow up with the required action. Not completing these tasks will delay the process and their financial aid award notifications.

Admitted Students website

Do you have students who have been admitted to CSUN? To help them along their journey to becoming a Matador, we created an Admitted Students website for students just like them! They will find information about the next steps they need to take, important dates and deadlines, and campus resources.

Services provided by Student Outreach and Recruitment this spring

Here are creative activities and informative services to expect from our counselors:

  • Next Steps virtual workshops for admitted students
  • Virtual informational events to help admitted students navigate the advising pathway and understand their financial aid award. The webinars are hosted by Student Outreach and Recruitment with additional support from departments across campus.
    • Live Chat
    • One-on-one virtual meetings with community college students, high school seniors and newly admitted students as well as their families
    • One-on-one meetings with Student Outreach and Recruitment interns
    • Student panels with Student Outreach and Recruitment interns
    • Table Talks with University Ambassadors
    • Virtual tours

Student Outreach and Recruitment counselors will contact their assigned schools to assess the best way to work with students. They will also be available to advise schools that are not assigned to anyone specifically.

Spring 2021 events

Here are some of the events CSUN will participate in during the spring semester. We hope you’ll join us for counselor events and encourage your students to connect with us during the student events.

Counselor spotlight

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