Counselor Newsletter, Vol. 2

November 20, 2020

We’ve created this newsletter to provide critical information to support the work you do for your students. On this page, you’ll find California State University, Northridge admissions updates and information about:

Admissions updates (as of November 2020)

We have received a number of questions about completing the California State University application. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Question: When is the deadline to apply to CSUN?
Answer: The deadline to apply to CSUN for fall 2021 has been extended to Dec. 15, 2020. If you saw Counselor Newsletter, Vol. 1, you might have read that the deadline to submit the application was Dec. 7, 2020. This date has been changed to Dec. 15, 2020.

Q: How do students enter college courses taken for dual enrollment?
A: Students should make sure they indicated that they have taken college courses on the extended profile. This will allow them to see the sections called Colleges Attended and College Course Work.

Q: How do you enter grades for math or language other than English (LOTE) taken in middle school?
A: Select grade level seven or eight, then find the course on the drop-down menu. Make sure to use the same year as grade nine, but enter the grades from grades seven or eight. If the option to input a grade is not available, but you can confirm that the student completed the course, use “pass” as the grade earned in both the fall and spring semesters. Note: Only math and LOTE courses can be taken from middle school.

Q: Where can we find answers to questions about supplemental factors?
A: There is no page or section called supplemental factors — the information is derived from various questions asked throughout the application. The information for several questions will be available to admissions evaluators to use as each California State University campus sees fit. To access the matrix for how campuses are using the factors, visit 2021-2022 Supplemental Admission Factors Summary. If you want specific information about CSUN, visit First-Time Freshman: I Want to Apply.

CSUN’s tourism, hospitality and recreation management major

As long as CSUN has been in existence, the Bachelor of Science in tourism, hospitality and recreation management has been available to students. There are also three minors available: hospitality and tourism, leadership through adventure and recreation management.

Students majoring in tourism, hospitality and recreation management have several opportunities and resources:

The tourism, hospitality and recreation management major is open to both incoming freshmen and transfer students.

Disability Resources and Educational Services

CSUN’s Disability Resources and Educational Services department supports students with a variety of abilities. Once students are admitted to CSUN, they should register with DRES by calling (818) 677-2684 or emailing and submitting documentation for assessment.

The student will undergo an assessment by DRES to determine which accommodations would be most beneficial. These might include proctored exams, in-class notetakers and/or accessible technology. Students must register each semester while they are students at CSUN.

To learn more about DRES as well as its mission and vision, visit About Us.

Fall 2020 virtual events

Here are some events CSUN is hosting this fall. We hope you’ll encourage your students to connect with us during these events.

Applicants may speak with CSUN Peer Mentors during scheduled Live Chats. Share this Peer Mentor Virtual Application Assistance flyer with your students.