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The Office of Student Involvement and Development exists to develop and support students in becoming engaged members and successful graduates of the CSUN community. Through purposeful co-curricular programming, advocacy, and advisement, the Office of Student Involvement and Development familiarizes students with the campus and its resources, fosters social connections and campus pride, provides opportunities for involvement and leadership development, and cultivates students’ passion to positively impact their communities.  

Through active collaboration with our faculty, staff, and students, the Office of Student Involvement and Development supports students in the completion of their educational and personal goals; promotes cultural awareness and understanding of individual differences; and inspires lifelong commitment to learning, service and California State University, Northridge.

The CSUN Office of Student Involvement and Development: Connecting, Developing and Celebrating our Students!


Christopher Aston
Interim Co-Director

Vicki Allen
Interim Co-Director

Karla Gonzalez
Special Projects Analyst

Tammy Serrano
Budget and Operations Analyst



Christopher Aston

Christopher J. R. Aston
Interim Co-Director, Student Development
(818) 677-2393 |

Christopher Aston is responsible for programs and services within the Office of Student Involvement & Development and has been involved in the creation and implementation of University events and programs that bookend student life at CSUN for close to 20 years.  Areas within his portfolio include New Student Orientation (NSO) for freshman, transfer, and international student populations, university Commencements and convocations and other welcoming and transition related events as well as the  management and supervision of talented professional staff, student coordinators, and more than 250 leaders and mentors charged with supporting the continuous process of integrating new students into the academic, cultural and social context at CSUN. His guidance and leadership extend past the Office of Student Involvement and Development as an adjunct professor through undergraduate studies, instructing courses for University 100, the Freshman Seminar at CSUN. Additionally, Christopher has taught courses in the Department of Communication Studies, where he received both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.


Anthony Bennett
Commencement, Honors Convocation, Signature Events

Gabrielle Danis
Program Director- Peer Mentorship Programs

Frankie Benkovic
Activities Coordiantor

Theresa Hadden
Office Manager



Vicki AllenVicki Allen
Interim Co-Director, Student Involvement
(818) 677-5111|

Vicki Allen serves in the Office of Student Involvement and Development as the administrator in charge of the Matador Involvement Center; she has worked in higher education for over 26 years. Ms. Allen has dedicated her professional career to the California State University system previously working at Humboldt State University, California State University, Los Angeles and is in her 25th year at CSUN. Ms. Allen has presented workshops at the national and regional conferences for the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, The Association of College Unions International, the National Association for Campus Activities and numerous other professional associations. She has taught courses at the Department of Recreation and Tourism Management in the College of Health and Human Development at CSUN, and currently serves as an adjunct faculty member at Pierce College teaching public speaking. Ms. Allen is a product of the California State University system as a first generation college student she earned a bachelor’s of art degree in social science from Humboldt State University. Ms. Allen completed a master’s degree in communication studies from CSUN in 1999 and is proud Northridge alumna. She is currently doctoral candidate from Azusa Pacific University for Higher Education Administration.

Maria Elizondo
Volunteer and Community Involvement / Basic Needs Food Programs

Meredith Evans
Office Manager

John LeJay II
Fraternity and Sorority Life

Marcos Pineda
Activities Coordinator
Fraternity and Sorority Life

Nikiya McWilliams
Clubs and Organizations

Alexander Salazar
Activities Assistant
Leadership Programs / Sports Clubs

Christel Bowen
Activities Assistant
Food Programs

Autumn Fabricant