Oasis Wellness Center

Relax and Rejuvenate with the Oasis Labyrinth

February 1, 2023

Oasis: Labyrinth Walkthrough

Discover New Pathways to Wellness

Every Week (Now – May 19)

Find your footing in a journey to wellbeing with the Labyrinth at the Oasis Wellness Center. Come experience the soothing effects of walking a labyrinth while also listening to guided instructions or an auditory journey every week to destress this semester. There is no right or wrong way to experience the Labyrinth; just stop in and enjoy! Each time you enter the Labyrinth, simply scan the QR code and be entered to win a new pair of AirPods at the end of the semester!

Limited to one entry per person, per day after walking the Labyrinth.


Pick the audio clip of your choosing and enjoy a soothing stroll around the Labyrinth. All audio clips are provided through InsightTimer.

Walking Labyrinth Meditation (20 min) by Judith Campbell

A simple walking meditation within a spiral labyrinth, designed to help you relax, center, and find your inner resources of strength, nurturing, and peace. It can be used in times of anxiety and in times of uncertainty when inner healing space is needed to slow down and be still, or to receive guidance and wisdom.


Labyrinth Forgiveness Meditation (11 min) by Anthony Bradley

This is a forgiveness practice inspired by the Toltec labyrinth ceremony – we go through a journey, entering the maze of the past” and resolving hurts as they come up. By asking for forgiveness from those, we have heart, and we humble ourselves, realizing that the power to heal lies in our hands. Soothing background music, including humming and rain sounds, plays while the practice gives form and fruition.


Walking Meditation (7 min) by Mary Waldon, LCSW

Ground your attention in your feet, legs, and body. Use this walk-through to focus on moving one step at a time.


The Morning Walk: A Natural immersion in 'Who Am I'? (4 min) by Byron Katie

Stop. Be still. Just notice. Walk in silence. As you walk, look at everything you see as though it doesnt have a name. As you walk, begin to name the thing that your eyes rest upon as if you were God, naming things for the very first time.