Oasis Wellness Center

Rejuvenate Yourself Through Sound at Spring into Wellness!

February 22, 2023

Come experience a unique meditative journey like no other during Spring into Wellness Cacao and Sound Journey with Sögu – a part of Spring into Wellness at the Student Recreation Center. Cacao is a ceremonial drink served to open the heart and enhance your meditation experience. The drink is optional; you’ll feel the benefits of the sound journey regardless!

Join us for a special evening performance by sound healer and meditation guide Sögu, who will act as your conduit to the Frequencies of Creation. Transcend the Earthly realm by connecting to our cosmic roots and honoring our shared ancestral connection to the Equinox as we once did. Ride the rhythms and vibrations of ancient, sacred instruments like the didgeridoo, the monochord, the shamanic frame drum, the Native American style flute and the shruti box.

What to Wear:
This event will elicit a range of emotions and feelings! One moment may be a time of healing, while the next may be a moment of euphoria. Please wear comfortable clothing to allow yourself the best possible experience!