Oasis Wellness Center

Oasis Wellness Center: Wellness Workshops

September 25, 2019

Wellness Workshops at the Oasis Wellness Center are back this semester and there are even more choices for you! Your favorites are still here, including StressLESS Matadors: Managing Stress for Academic Success, Sleep Smart: An EaZZZy Guide to Better Sleep, Restful Yoga and more. We’ll also have new workshops, such as Guided Painting Adventures, Qigong and an Edible Garden Inspiration to ensure you stay physically and mentally healthy all semester long! Sign up through the Oasis MindBody Portal. Registration opens one day before each class, and will close 10 minutes prior to the class start time. Enhance your well-being by taking a Wellness Workshop at the Oasis Wellness Center… Where you can relax, revive and succeed!