Oasis Wellness Center

Matadors Find Sanctuary During “Welcome to Wellness” at the Oasis

October 13, 2022

By: Riley Sullivan

The Oasis Wellness Center of the University Student Union invited CSUN students to explore their mental and physical wellbeing during Welcome to Wellness last month.

Nearly 400 members of the campus community attended the afternoon and evening events, each offering different experiences promoting wellness for students.

During the afternoon, Matadors explored a myriad of wellness opportunities like Trauma Informed Yogawith Strength United, therapy dogs, Healing Tones, and a resource fair to educate about the health and wellness resources that CSUN offers through the Oasis.

In the evening, students experienced a special Sound Bath held outside at the Oasis Labyrinth featuring Sögu Music, an artist who specializes in sound journeys.

“Welcome to Wellness” Sound Bath Event

Oasis Manager Condor, said the Oasis was created to help students with their well-being, especially with the return of a majority in-person environment.

“Students have experienced much stress over the last few years and now that CSUN and everyday life is back to 100% in-person it is taking time and patience for all to adjust,” Condor said.

Students reveled in the opportunity to find sonic relief in a soothing and calming space.

“I was so new to this type of experience and it was truly transformational. The sounds, the vibe, the layout; everything was so enjoyable,” a participant said.

Learn more about the wide range of health and wellness programs available to CSUN students at the Oasis Wellness Center at the University Student Union.