Oasis Wellness Center

Immersive Sound Frequencies Is Here To Soothe and Relax CSUN Students at the Oasis Center’s Service, Healing Tones

January 23, 2023


WHAT: The Oasis Wellness Center of the University Student Union (USU) encourages all CSUN students to utilize Healing Tones, a sound frequencies and rejuvenation service intended to help release the stress of student life. During the individual session, students will be immersed in deeply relaxing Solfeggio Frequencies. The following tones are believed to bring a range of benefits: 

  • 174 Hz: Relieves Pain & Stress 
  • 285 Hz: Heals Tissues and Organs 
  • UT 396 Hz: Eliminates Fear 
  • 417 Hz (RE): Wipes out Negativity 
  • 528 Hz (MI): Repairs DNA and Brings Positive Transformation 
  • 639 Hz (FA): Brings Love and Compassion 
  • 741 Hz (SOL): Repairs Cells and Organs 
  • 852 Hz: Awakens Intuition and Raises Energy at Cellular Level 
  • 963 Hz: Connects to Higher Self 

WHO: Condor, Manager, Oasis Wellness Center is responsible for coordinating this event. 

WHEN: Monday, Feb. 6 to Tuesday, Feb. 28 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

WHERE: Oasis Wellness Center 

WHY: This sound frequency and rejuvenation service promotes positive outcomes including, deep relaxation, improving wellness and healing energy by releasing emotional and problematic blockages. 

BACKGROUND: The USU encourages students to learn more about themselves and discover how they can maintain positive and relaxing energy with Healing Tones. For more information about the Oasis Wellness Center, please visit csun.edu/oasis.

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