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About Us

The Oasis is Here to Serve Every CSUN Student

We’re focused on your wellness and managing stress.

Student Membership

All current CSUN students are members of the Oasis for no additional cost. When students pay tuition each semester, the fee is included. Students cannot opt out of this fee. In order to access the Oasis, each student will need to register at a kiosk in the Oasis or SRC. 

Continuing students (any student who was enrolled in the previous semester) who are not enrolled in summer classes may purchase a summer Oasis membership for $15. Students who have purchased a summer SRC membership may visit the Oasis for no additional cost. 

Special Access Information for Faculty, Staff and Alumni

CSUN faculty and staff can sign up for the fee-based massage and acupuncture services at the Oasis all year round. 

Faculty and staff are also eligible for complete access to the Oasis every summer. If you have a summer SRC membership, it will also include access to the Oasis. Those who are not SRC members can still purchase an Oasis summer membership at a special price. 

Alumni are also eligible for complete access the Oasis every summer by purchasing an Oasis summer membership at a special price. 

Student Jobs

Approximately 14 student assistants are employed at the Oasis. For employment opportunities, please visit the USU jobs webpage

Event Reservations

The majority of spaces at the Oasis are dedicated for open use and are not available for reservations. Groups or individuals interested in programming opportunities in the Oasis may send an email to oasis@csun.edu


Groups interested in scheduling a tour of the Oasis should send an email to oasis@csun.edu

Development & Construction

Construction began on this $5.4 million project in December 2014 and was completed in August 2015. The Oasis includes 6,000 square feet of indoor space as well as an additional 10,000 square feet of outdoor space.

For more information, please read our frequently asked questions or send an email to oasis@csun.edu.