• Alumni Bill Griffeth and Sue Herera appear nightly on CNBC's Nightly Business Report on PBS.

    Matadors Griffeth and Herera Reunite

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  • CSUN President Dianne F. Harrison introduces Mark Gottfried as CSUN’s new head basketball coach.

    New Men's Basketball Head Coach Mark Gottfried

  • Angela Bassett Joins Kathleen Battle at The Soraya

    Angela Bassett Joins Kathleen Battle, 3/29

  • Project Resonance’s musicians prepare to play.

    Student Musicians Reach New Heights

  • A photo of students working in a science lab

    CSUN Fostering Culture of Innovation

CSUN's Robert Krol: Time to rethink how we fund highways

In February, the Trump administration laid out its proposal for expanding infrastructure investment in America. The plan calls for $200 billion in seed money to support $1.5 trillion in state, local and private infrastructure investment over the next 10 years. The proposal failed to provide further details on how it would be funded, though the president reportedly supports increasing federal gasoline and diesel taxes by 25 cents per gallon. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Trucking Association also support raising fuel taxes. -- Washington Times

ANCA-WR Welcomes 2018 Spring Interns

Kamberian is a Glendale High School graduate and recently began his collegiate career as an Information Systems major, for information security, at California State University, Northridge (CSUN). In high school, he was heavily involved in his martial arts program. He is currently an instructor recently at AKMA Burbank and is teaching a variety of students. -- Asbarez