• CSUN alumna Erin Oxhorn-Gilpin is one of California's 2018 Teachers of the Year.

    Alumna is California Teacher of the Year

  • Senior Ali Griner models design students’ creation on the runway.

    Interior Design Students’ Pokémon-Inspired Creation

  • CSUN’s Under Armour Faculty mentors pose with members of the tennis and men's soccer teams.

    "Under Armour Faculty" Mentor CSUN Athletes

  • Sunset photo of the new Sustainability Center.

    CSUN’s Groundbreaking Sustainability Center

  • La Nueva Cuba! The Next Generation, April 21

    La Nueva Cuba! The Next Generation, April 21

Valley Pioneer Lecture Series in California History – “The Red Power Movement in Los Angeles and other cities in the 1970s” with Dr. Nicolas G. Rosenthal

Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 7:30pm

Nicolas G. Rosenthal's book cover titled "Reimagining Indian Country: Native American Migration and Identity in Twentieth- Century Los Angeles" (2012)

Professor Nicolas Rosenthal’s first book, Reimagining Indian Country: Native American Migration and Identity in Twentieth- Century Los Angeles (2012) follows the migration of American Indians to cities, the development of urban American Indian life, and the relationships between cities and American Indian reservations. Read more

CSUN Shines Spotlight on Tomorrow’s Hollywood Innovators

April 25, 2013

2013 Senior Film Showcase program cover
The public can get a sneak peak at Hollywood’s next generation of movie makers on Wednesday, May 1, at California State University, Northridge’s 23rd annual “Senior Film Showcase” at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

The evening will also honor noted film director and CSUN alumnus Donald Petrie with a special tribute and on-screen retrospective. Actor Tim Russ will be the night’s host.

Read more

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