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Moshoula Capous-Desyllas
Full-Time Faculty
(818) 677-3594
Office location:
SN 334



  • Ph.D. in Social Work & Social Research from Portland State University, 2010. Dissertation: Visions & Voices: An Arts-Based Qualitative Study Using Photovoice to Understand the Needs and Aspirations of Diverse Women Working in the Sex Industry
  • M.S.W. from San Diego State University, 2002
  • B.S. in Psychology/Visual Arts from University of California, San Diego, 1999
  • Specialty Areas: Feminist theory, queer theory, arts-based research, community art as activism, visual sociology, qualitative methods, anti-oppression, social justice, sex work & immigration

Courses Taught

  • SOC 357 Introduction to Social Work Practice
  • SOC 470 Methods of Practice
  • SOC 475 AEE/BEE – Supervised Field Instruction I/II
  • SOC 492 Dynamics of Social Behavior and Development

Selected Publications and Presentations

Capous Desyllas, Moshoula (2011). Book Chapter: Part IV: Human Stories from the outside in for Community and Cultural Change: Photovoice with sex workers for community awareness, empowerment and resistance. In Creative Arts in Research for Community and Cultural Change, Cheryl McLean (Ed.) & Robert Kelly (Ass. Ed.); Detselig Temeron Press, Calgary, Canada.   

Capous Desyllas, Moshoula (2007). A Critique of the Global Trafficking Discourse and Global Policy. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 34 (4), 57-79

Capous Desyllas, M. (2011). Intersecting Identities, Photographic Images and Meaning Making: Exploring the Complexity of Representing the Representations of Sex Workers. Paper presented at Unsettling Feminisms 2011 Conference, Jane Addams College of Social Work, University of Illinois at Chicago on May 22-24, 2011.

Capous Desyllas, M. (2011). Branching Out: Applying Techniques from Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis to Data from a Photovoice Study. Paper presented at the 1st Social Work Day of the 7th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on May 18, 2011.

Capous Desyllas, M. (2010). Using photovoice with sex workers as art, education, empowerment and resistance. Paper presented at 2010 Council on Social Work Education Conference, Portland, Oregon from Oct. 14-17, 2010.

Capous Desyllas, M. (2010). The power of art and agency: Using photovoice method for empowerment and transformation of women working in various aspects of the sex industry. Photovoice as a Social Process of Empowerment: Theoretical, Methodological and Practical Considerations Symposium to be presented for the 10th Advances in Qualitative Methods Conference, Vancouver, B.C., Canada from Oct. 7-8, 2010.

Community Art Exhibitions

May 2011 - Event: Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival Brayham Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, CANADA

Feb. 2011 - In Other Words Independent Feminist Bookstore, Portland, OR

March 2010 - Event: The Art of Social Work, Service & Social Justice Buckley Center Gallery, University of Portland, Portland, OR

Feb. 2010 - Performing Arts Center, Portland Community College, Portland, OR

Dec. 2009 - Bridges To Independence, Portland, Oregon

April 2009 - Food For Thought Café, Portland State University, Portland, OR

Feb. 2009 - Sylvania Library, Portland Community College, Portland, OR

Dec. 2008 - Chaos Cafe & Parlor, Portland, OR

Research and Interests

My research interests and passions involve the use of arts-based research methodologies as a form of activism for social justice and as a way to highlight the voices of marginalized individuals, groups and communities. Interdisciplinary perspectives from social work, social psychology and sociology intersect to shape my interest in: feminist and queer theory, critical pedagogies, transnational issues, empowerment, social justice and diversity, anti-oppressive research and practice methods, visual sociology, community engagement, and social activism through the arts.                                

Lori Campbell
Full-Time Faculty
(818) 677-7478
Office location:
SN 335



  • Ph.D. Sociology,The Ohio State University, 2007
  • M.A. Sociology, The Ohio State University, 2000
  • B.A. Sociology and Women's Studies, Ohio Wesleyan University, 1995
  • Specialty Areas: Social Stratification, Wealth Inequality, Education, Racial-Ethnic Inequality

Courses Taught

  • SOC 364 Social Statistics
  • SOC 410 Urban Sociology
  • SOC 585B Social Stratification

Selected Publications and Presentations


Campbell, Lori Ann and Toby L. Parcel. Forthcoming. "Children's Achievement in Great Britain and the United States." in Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

Campbell, Lori Ann and Toby L. Parcel. 2010. "Children's Home Environments in Great Britain and the United States." in Journal of Family Issues 31: 559-584.

Campbell, Lori Ann and Robert L. Kaufman. 2006. "Racial Differences in Wealth: Beyond Black and White." in Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 24: 131-152. 

David Boyns
Full-Time Faculty
(818) 677-6803
Office location:
SN 338



  • Ph.D., Sociology, University of California, Riverside.
  • M.A., Sociology, University of California, Riverside.
  • B.A., Anthropology, cum laude, University of California, Irvine.
  • B.A., Psychology, cum laude, University of California, Irvine.
  • B.A., Sociology, cum laude, University of California, Irvine.
  • Speciaty Areas: Sociological Theory, Social Psychology, Sociology of Emotions, Cultural Sociology, Media Studies

Courses Taught

  • Sociology 150: Introduction to Sociology
  • Sociology 345: Social Psychology
  • Sociology 468: Contemporary Sociological Theory
  • Sociology 498: Field Study and Reports
  • Sociology 572: Social Policy Research and Evaluation
  • Sociology 585: Social Change
  • Sociology 601: Classical Sociological Theory
  • Sociology 640: Teaching Practicum
  • Sociology 670: Contemporary Sociological Theory
  • Sociology 691A: Qualitative Research Methods
  • Sociology 695C: Graduate Proseminar
  • Sociology 696A: Directed Graduate Research

Research and Interests

Sociological Theory, Social Psychology, Sociology of Emotions, Cultural Sociology, Media Studies, Evaluation Research

Selected Publications and Presentations

"Feeling Through Presence: Toward of Theory of Interaction Rituals and Parasociality in Online Social Worlds." 2013, Forthcoming. In Tova Benski, Eran Fisher (eds.), Internet and Emotions. London: Routledge. (with Daniele Loprieno).

“The Caped Crusader: What Batman Films Tell Us About Crime and Deviance.” Forthcoming, 2012. In K. Fealty and J. Sutherland, Cinematic Sociology. Sage Publications. (with Robert Wonser).

“Studies in the Suspension of the “Flow” of Social Life.” 2011. Sociological Spectrum. (with Scott Appelrouth).

“Culture, Agency and the Means of Simulation.” 2011. In I. Zake and M. DeCesare, New Directions in Sociology: Essays on Theory and Methodology in the 21st. Century. Jefferson, NC: McFarland Press.

“Economic Crisis and the California State Public University: The Institutional, Professional, and Personal Effects on Faculty and Students.” 2011. In G. Orfield (ed.), The CSU Crisis and California’s Future. Los Angeles, CA: The Civil Rights Project/Proyecto Derechos Civiles at UCLA. (with Amy Denissen and Alexandra Gerbasi).

“Copernicus Evaluation Report, Series.” 2005 - 2011. For University of California, Riverside’s Department of Education, Copernicus Project. Funded by the United States Department of Education.

“The Savory Deviant Delight: A Study of Trust & Normative Order in an Online World.” 2010. In D. Latusek and A. Gerbasi (eds.), Trust and Technology.

“MMORPG Worlds: On the Construction of Social Reality in World of Warcraft.” 2009. In Don Heider (ed.), Living Virtually: Researching New Worlds. Peer Lang Publishing. (with Elena Sosnovskya and Sima Forghani).

“California Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment and Intern Alternative Certification Evaluation Study: Technical Report.” 2007. Funded by the California Department of Education. (with Douglas Mitchell, et al).

“Reflections on Public Sociology.” 2007. In Lawrence Nichols (ed.), Public Sociology: The Contemporary Debate. Transaction Publishers. (with Jesse Fletcher).

“Postmodern and Poststructural Social Theories.” 2007. In Scott Appelrouth and Laura Edles (eds.), Contemporary Sociological Theory Sociological Theory in the Contemporary Era. Pine Forge Press. (with Scott Appelrouth and Laura Edles).

“Emotion-Based Self Theory.” 2006. In Handbook of the Sociology of Emotions, Jan E. Stets and Jonathan H. Turner (eds.). Kluwer Academic / Plenum Publishers.

“Reflections on Public Sociology: Public Relations, Disciplinary Identity and the Strong Program in Professional Sociology.” 2005. The American Sociologist. 36(3-4): 5-26. (with Jesse Fletcher).

“Developing a Sociological Theory for the Empirical Understanding of Terrorism.” 2004. The American Sociologist. 35(2): 5-25. (with James David Ballard).

“Understanding Television without Television: A Study of Suspended Television Viewing.” 2003. The Journal of Mundane Behavior. 4.1: 9-28. (with Desiree Stephenson).

“Expectations, Need-States, and Emotional Arousal in Encounters.” 2002. In Jacek Szmatka, Michael Lovaglia, Kinga Wysienska (eds.), The Growth of Social Knowledge: Theory, Simulation, and Empirical Research in Group Processes. Praeger Publishers. (with Jonathan Turner).

“The Return of Grand Theory.” 2001. Handbook of Sociological Theory. New York: Kluwer Academic / Plenum Publishers. (with Jonathan Turner).

James David Ballard
Full-Time Faculty
(818) 677-2009
Office location:
SN 331



  • Ph.D. in Sociology from UNLV, 2000
  • Masters in Gen. Studies (Eco/Pol Sci) from JSU, 1992
  • B.A. in Sociology from JSU, 1991
  • Specialty Areas: Terrorism, Energy security, Radiological and nuclear transportation, Criminology, Criminal justice, Research Methods.

Courses Taught

  • SOC 230 Human Sexuality
  • SOC 250 Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • SOC 350 Population Dynamics
  • SOC 364 Social Statistics
  • SOC364L Social Statistics Laboratory
  • SOC 401 Class, Status and Power
  • SOC 474 Corrections
  • SOC 485A Special Topics in Criminology (various classes)
  • SOC 485B Special Topics in Criminal Justice (various classes)
  • SOC 485 Research Methods
  • SOC 485L Research Methods Laboratory
  • SOC 498 Field Study and Reports (AEE, BEE and CEE varieties)
  • SOC 498S Field Study and reports (seminar)
  • SOC 622 Seminar in Complex organizations
  • SOC 690 Social Research
  • SOC 696 Directed Graduate Research
  • SOC 697 Directed Graduate Comprehensive Studies
  • SOC 698 Thesis/Graduate project

Selected Publications and Presentations

Ballard, James David.   2011.  “Report on the status of the NRC proposed rulemaking for 10 CFR 73.37,
            Physical Protection of Irradiated Reactor Fuel In Transit, and a compilation of written comments
            submitted to the NRC in response to the October 13, 2010 Federal Register notice (75 FR 62695-
            62716).  Reports includes comments submitted to NRC on the associated guidance document,
            NUREG-0561, Rev.2.”  State of Nevada, Nuclear Waste Projects Office, Carson City, NV.  
Ballard, James David.   2011.  “report reviewing security aspects of the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi
            nuclear disaster, identifying human-initiated events before and after the earthquake and
            tsunami.  State of Nevada, Nuclear Waste Projects Office, Carson City, NV.  
Ballard, James David.   2011.  “Prison Radicalization.”  Los Angeles Joint Regional Intelligence Center. 
             Los Angeles, CA.  Service learning project – Soc 485 Winter 2010/2011. 
Ballard, James David.  2010.  “Report on Methodologies Used in Preparation of Transportation Sabotage
            Scenarios from 2001 to 2010: Research for NRC Hearing Testimony.”  Tri-phase project
            including literature review, analytical matrix and application of risk assessment methodology. 
            State of Nevada, Nuclear Waste Projects Office. 
Ballard, James David.  2010.  “Conflict Theory and Religious Violence.”  Ross, Jeffrey Ian (ed.). 2010.
            Religion and Violence: An Encyclopedia of Faith and Conflict from Antiquity to the Present.
            Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe, Inc.  
Ballard, James David.  2010.  “The World Trade Center Bombing and Religious Violence.”  Ross, Jeffrey
            Ian (ed.). 2010. Religion and Violence: An Encyclopedia of Faith and Conflict from Antiquity to
            the Present. Armonk, NY: M. E. Sharpe, Inc.
Ballard, James David.  2010.  “Organizational Profiling.”  In Protecting the Homeland from International
            and Domestic Terrorism Threats, eds. Fenstermacher, Laurie, Larry Kuznar and Anne
            Speckhard. National Security Institute (Joint Staff):  Washington, DC. 

Research and Interests

Terrorism, Nuclear Waste Security, Oil and Gas Security, Criminology, Deviance, Juvenile Delinquency, Political Sociology, Qualitative Methods, Quantitative Methods                               

Karren Baird-Olson
Full-Time Faculty
(818) 677-3920
Office location:
SN 313



  • Ph.D. Sociology (Criminology, Race and Ethnic Relations), University of New Mexico (Albuquerque), 1994 Dissertation: “The Structural and Interpersonal Victimization and Survival of Plains Indian Women on a Northwest Reservation”
  • M.A. Sociology (Criminology), University of Montana (Missoula), 1984
  • B.S. English, Art, and Education, Montana State University (Bozeman), 1962
Scott Appelrouth
Full-Time Faculty
(818) 677-3292
Office location:
SN 330



  • Ph.D. Sociology, New York University 2000
  • M.A. Sociology, New York University 1994
  • B.S. Sociology, Virginia Commonwealth University 1986
  • Specialty Areas: Social Theory, Social Movements/Political Sociology, Sociology of Culture.

Courses Taught

  • SOC 150H Honors Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 202 Sociological Analysis
  • SOC 305 Culture and Personality
  • SOC 312 American Society
  • SOC 368 Classical Sociological Theory
  • SOC 468 Contemporary Sociological Theory
  • SOC 498 Field Study and Reports
  • SOC 545 Social Psychology
  • SOC 601 Sociological Theory in Historical Perspective
  • SOC 670 Studies in Contemporary Sociology

Selected Publications and Presentations

"Cultural Sociology and the Meaning of Music." In Peter Kivisto (ed.) Illuminating Social Life. Pine Forge Press. Forthcoming.

Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory, 2nd Edition, with Laura Edles. Pine Forge Press. 2012

"Studies in the Suspension of the "Flow" of Social Life," with David Boyns. 2011. Sociological Spectrum, 31:193-223.

Sociological Theory in the Contemporary Era, 2nd Edition, with Laura Edles. Pine Forge Press. 2011

“Boundaries and Early Jazz:  Defining a New Music." 2011. Cultural Sociology, 5:225-242.

Sociological Theory in the Classical Era, 2nd Edition with Laura Edles.  Pine Forge Press.  2010

Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory, with Laura Edles.  Pine Forge Press.  2008

Sociological Theory in the Contemporary Era, with Laura Edles.  Pine Forge Press.  2007

“Body and Soul: Jazz and the 1920s.” 2005 American Behavioral Scientist, Vol. 48:11 pp. 1496-1510.

Sociological Theory in the Classical Era, with Laura Edles.  Pine Forge Press.  2004

“Symbolic Boundaries and the Meaning of Early Jazz.”  2003 Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research on Literature, the Media, and the Arts, 31:117-131.

“Breathing Life into Texts: Using Interviews to Make Real World Connections.”  2001 College Teaching, 49:4.

“Shifting Frames and Rhetorics: A Case Study of The Christian Coalition of New York.”  1999.  Social Science Journal, 36:329-339.  

Selected Conference Activities:

“Early Jazz and ‘Fields’.”  Paper presented at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, New York, New York. August 2007.

“Who’s Your Daddy?:  Bush, Fear, and Freud.”  Paper presented at the Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon. April 2005.

“Body and Soul: Jazz and the 1920s.”  Paper presented at a special conference in the sociology of music, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. August 2003.

Session Organizer: “Symbolic Boundaries and the Construction of Identity,” Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Vancouver, British Columbia. April 2002.

“The Discourse of Jazz: Art, Class, and the Body.”  Paper presented at the Pacific Sociological Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California. April 2001.

“Polluting Urban Bodies: The Discursive Framing of Early Jazz.”  Paper presented at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California. August 1998.

Research and Interests

Symbolic boundaries; tastes as cultural markers; intersection of religion, social movements, and politics.