Anthropological Research Institute

Anthropological Research Institute

The Archaeological Research Institute is dedicated to:

  1. promoting the study, documentation and understanding of the anthropological and archaeological resources of Southern California as well as other regions of interest to faculty and students of California State University, Northridge;
  2. promoting professional interest and growth in anthropology and archaeology within CSUN and the wider community; and
  3. providing professional services to the university, the archaeological community, museums, business and government agencies.

Some of the principal ways in which the ARI will carry out these objectives include:

  1. the analysis and conservation of the archaeological record with special emphasis on the Southern California region;
  2. performing contract- and grant-funded studies in archaeology, including such activities as field surveys, excavations and laboratory analyses;
  3. serving as an educational resource for the Department of Anthropology and for students at CSUN by providing hands-on, applied training which will specifically prepare them for the job market they will enter following graduation;
  4. serving as an educational resource to the public about archaeology, anthropology and folklore;
  5. providing support and coordination of research and publication in archaeology and anthropology;
  6. conducting off-campus field schools, special courses, lectures, meetings and workshops and other activities appropriate to the purposes of the ARI.

In addition, the ARI operates a federally approved curation facility for the storage of archaeological collections and their associated documentation.

For more information, contact the ARI Director, Dr. James E. Snead: