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Sustainability is a key priority at California State University, Northridge, integrated into all aspects of the university from operations and infrastructure to outreach, education and research.  CSUN’s 10-year Sustainability Plan lays out our goals and activities in ten different functional areas.  Everyone at the university – administrators, staff, faculty and students – is an integral part of these efforts. We are a proud signatory to Second Nature’s Presidents’ Climate Commitment and are following a Climate Action Plan that will guide us towards climate neutrality by 2040.


   A Message from The President

“California State University, Northridge is proud to play a leadership role in the region and the higher education community on sustainability issues, beginning in 1991 when CSUN established its Campus Recycling Center. Today, sustainability is one of the university’s eight strategic priorities and permeates throughout the campus from Physical Plant Management and our facilities, to dining services and the curriculum. We have formal climate commitments related to reducing our carbon emissions, and campus and community resilience. With the leadership of the Institute for Sustainability, its advisory committee and our student government, faculty, staff, students and administrators all partner to move us forward. And beyond our responsibility to be good stewards of the environment and make progress on our climate action plan, these collaborative efforts advance the university’s academic mission by providing students opportunities to contribute, learn, demonstrate leadership, and even to discover new career and educational paths.”

-Dianne F. Harrison, Ph.D.


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