Computer Lab

The USU Computer Lab is a professional workspace that offers CSUN students 130 computer workstations (with 19" displays, i7 processors and 8GB of RAM), 20 print stations, 10 scanners and a private Training Lab as well as a wide range of cutting-edge software programs. All students are welcome to use any available workstation to study, print 20 free pages per day or just surf the web between classes.

We’re here so you can print, study and browse or become more tech savvy by signing up for our USU Tech Tips workshops, held right here, at the Computer Lab.

Need Assistance? Our Computer Lab Technicians are ready to help you and answer any of your computer and software related questions in a productive and supportive environment.

Lock Rental Update and Raffle

The Computer Lab lock rental service is being discontinued. Starting Thursday, June 1, students needing a lock here will be directed to the SRC’s lock rental service with the following benefits:

  • Longer rental period up to 24 hours
  • More convenience with provided key
  • More locations with both Computer Lab and SRC

Through a random drawing of people who rented our Computer Lab locks, we are now giving away 24 branded locks as a thank you. Check your email to see if your name is drawn! 

Upcoming Computer Lab Events